post-title Valérie Favre | Intérieurs | Galerie Barbara Thumm | 04.11.-22.12.2023

Valérie Favre | Intérieurs | Galerie Barbara Thumm | 04.11.-22.12.2023

Valérie Favre | Intérieurs | Galerie Barbara Thumm | 04.11.-22.12.2023

Valérie Favre | Intérieurs | Galerie Barbara Thumm | 04.11.-22.12.2023

until 22.12. | #4093ARTatBerlin | Galerie Barbara Thumm shows from 4. November 2023 (Opening: 03.11.) the exhibition Intérieurs by the artist Valérie Favre.

Valérie Favres paintings open up fresh narratives and conceptual perspectives, moving between figuration and abstraction. Her works are dominated by a fictional world made up of contrasts, contradictions, resistance and restlessness.

She works in an openly experimental manner, using a repertory informed by art history. Her demands of the medium are extensive; she is always engaged in a radical interrogation both painting and artistic work processes. Favre paints scenes developed over the course of several years in large series and work cycles. The exhibition Intérieurs traces some of these series back to their beginnings and shows an early group of works, painted when Favre first moved to Berlin, between 2000 and 2001. Many of her later motifs and compositions can be already found in the large scale paintings. Favre explains:

“Intérieurs is a series of paintings that I made when I came to Berlin in 1999. A large part of these works are key paintings. Exemplary paintings. It is a source that I promised myself I would return to one day. Possibly now is the right time to do so?

In the Intérieurs series, there are motifs such as the tree and the deer, which I revisited a few years later in the Forest series. The graphic representation of the female body also hints at the Lapine Universe series. You can already see the edges of the canvases, which are left blank, similar to the series At the Table. The Intérieurs also hint at the series The Small Theatres of Life through their impressions of collages of shapes and different layers of composition.

These paintings are explorations of my personal thought processes, my emotionality expressed in painting, in the face of the contemporary German and especially Berlin art scene, in which I have immersed myself with all my energy.”

Opening: Friday, 3 November 2023, 6 – 9 pm

Exhibition dates: Saturday, 4 November – Friday 22 December 2023

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Image caption: Valérie Favre, Interieur, 2000, Oil on canvas, 200 x 160 cm, courtesy of Galerie Barbara Thumm

Exhibition Valérie Favre – Galerie Barbara Thumm | Zeitgenössische Kunst in Berlin | Contemporary Art | Exhibitions Berlin Galleries | ART at Berlin


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