post-title Timo Nasseri | I am a sky where spirits live | Taubert Contemporary | 16.09-05.11.2022

Timo Nasseri | I am a sky where spirits live | Taubert Contemporary | 16.09-05.11.2022

Timo Nasseri | I am a sky where spirits live | Taubert Contemporary | 16.09-05.11.2022

Timo Nasseri | I am a sky where spirits live | Taubert Contemporary | 16.09-05.11.2022

until 05.11. | #3617ARTatBerlin | Taubert Contemporary presents from 16. September 2022 the exhibition I am a sky where spirits live by artist Timo Nasseri.

Movement from the start: Geometric image formations that make the eye circle, kaleidoscopic reflective surfaces that throw the gaze back into the room as well as into one’s own face, and fragile tubular steel sculptures that stretch voluminously and airily into the room at the same time and downright challenge one to walk around. Even the first glance is captivating; perception does not stand still.

ART at Berlin - Taubert Contemporary - Timo Nasseri - Parsec 6
Timo Nasseri, Parsec#6, 2017, 108 x 90 x 122 cm

In Timo Nasseri’s current exhibition, serial groups of works and ensembles from different work phases come into contact with each other: In his paintings, precisely calculated, intense colour patterns from a multitude of geometric forms leap into space, as it were. The elegant curves of the tubular steel sculptures, however, turn out to be straight lines at second glance, which nevertheless manage to outline geometric volumes with great sophistication. And the countless triangular facets of the mirror works even sabotage the direct view of the crystalline structures with infinite refractions and light reflections.

Timo Nasseri is not only interested in optical confusion and magical processes of perception. His pictorial and formal inventions, especially in the three-dimensional works, develop from profound explorations of mathematical thought models and the mathematical principles of Islamic ornamentation and architecture. The sculpture ‘Hedron’, for example, takes up mathematical models of infinity, while the mirror sculpture ‘Parzec’ makes the abstract phenomenon tangible with countless mirror facets that never allow for a complete image. In Timo Nasseri’s work, abstraction is not exclusively aesthetic, but also a mathematical and at the same time symmetry-forming operation to make potential possibilities in the field of the visible tangible.

ART at Berlin - Taubert Contemporary - Timo Nasseri - Neodemon
Timo nasseri, Neodemon, 2020, 223 x 158 cm

In doing so, the high-contrast pattern allovers in Nasseri’s paintings tie in with the camouflage method of ‘razzle dazzle’, a camouflage for ships used in the First World War to deliberately disinform the eyes of the enemy. The garish colour patterns of the Dazzle paintings were intended to make it difficult for opponents to determine a ship’s correct position, speed and direction.

Timo Nasseri’s vertical-format pictures now pick up on this manoeuvre of irritation and, with their colour gradients and vivid colour contrasts, simulate a variety of movement effects that provoke violent flickering of the eyes. We can never be sure that we are interpreting what we see correctly. But since we can’t help but surrender to these perceptual irritations anew each time, this kind of painting is also designed in the most meaningful way possible to literally show us the deceptive potential of painting as well as the deficient moments of our recognition.

– Birgit Effinger

ART at Berlin - Taubert Contemporary - Timo Nasseri - DAZ 50
Timo Nasseri, DAZ #50, 2018, 210 x 140 cm

Timo Nasseri (*1972 in Berlin, Germany) lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

Vernissage: Friday, 16. September 2022, 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Ausstellungsdaten: Friday, 16. September 2022 – Saturday, 5. November 2022

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Titelbild: Timo Nasseri, Neodemon, 2020, 223 x 158 cm

Exhibition Timo Nasseri – Taubert Contemporary | Zeitgenössische Kunst in Berlin | Contemporary Art | Exhibitions Berlin Galerien | ART at Berlin

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