post-title Thibaut Duchenne | Solitude | Galerie Pugliese Levi | 09.10.-08.12.2018

Thibaut Duchenne | Solitude | Galerie Pugliese Levi | 09.10.-08.12.2018

Thibaut Duchenne | Solitude | Galerie Pugliese Levi | 09.10.-08.12.2018

Thibaut Duchenne | Solitude | Galerie Pugliese Levi | 09.10.-08.12.2018

until 08.12. | #2228ARTatBerlin | Galerie Pugliese Levi shows from 9th October 2018 the solo exhibition Solitude by the French photographer and farmer Thibaut Duchenne.

Galerie Pugliese Levi is pleased to present the second solo exhibition of the French photographer and farmer Thibaut Duchenne as part of EMOP Berlin – European Month of Photography 2018.

“I perceive the emerging shadows, taming the light in the course of the seasons. I see the muffled hues, the ocres, rust, the browns in the soil imbued with memory. Touching lightly with the eyes the cracked soil that undulates so brittly, silently watching, waiting patiently so as to better catch and convey. Spontaneous, journeying and errant, simplicity remains my artistic approach.” Thibaut Duchenne, September 2018

Thibaut Duchenne leaves his farm in Picardy for solitary journeys. He never leaves behind his favoured subjects: the abandoned rural places, the closed-down dwellings, a certain desolation of life, where he never fails to find poetic beauty.

ART at Berlin – Courtesy of Pugliese Levi – Thibaut Duchenne
Thibaut Duchenne – Galerie Pugliese Levi – Reflet 1

Thibaut Duchenne’s photography is precise, uncompromising and sensitive. His work pays homage to nature and rural life. The objects and landscapes he photographs, conquered by rust and dust, are touching even though immortalised in an almost documentary fashion. Photographed without artificial additions, retouches or embellishments, these places move us and remain engraved in our memory. A small leaf which grows in a puddle, ivy climbing on an old resin roof, an abandoned bee-hive… the ugly and the banal become beautiful under his benevolent glance.

Seen sometimes through broken glass, torn curtains or a ripped net, these uninhabited and unadorned landscapes nevertheless make us feel the presence of man and lead us back to some of our faraway memories. With his photographic work Thibaut Duchenne cultivates the beauty of the everyday where one does not expect it and attempts to tame the most primary fears: abandonment, aging, solitude.

Thibaut Duchenne was born in Picardy in 1966. Following studies of agriculture, he takes over the family farm in Ver-sur-Launette in the département Oise. His photographic work is first shown at the 57th edition of the Salon de Montrouge in 2012. His last exhibitions include a solo show at Galerie Pugliese Levi in 2017 and a group exhibition at gallery Praz-Delavallade in Los Angeles in 2018.

Vernissage: Saturday, 6th October 2018, 6 pm

Exhibition period: Tuesday, 9th October – Saturday, 8th December 2018

Zur Galerie Pugliese Levi


Image caption: Thibaut Duchenne – Galerie Pugliese Levi – Reflet 1

Exhibition Thibaut Duchenne – Galerie Pugliese Levi | Zeitgenössische Kunst in Berlin | Contemporary Art | Exhibitions Berlin Galleries | ART at Berlin


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