post-title Ted Stamm | Series | Kewenig Berlin | 29.04.-08.07.2023

Ted Stamm | Series | Kewenig Berlin | 29.04.-08.07.2023

Ted Stamm | Series | Kewenig Berlin | 29.04.-08.07.2023

Ted Stamm | Series | Kewenig Berlin | 29.04.-08.07.2023

until 08.07. | #3881ARTatBerlin | Galerie Kewenig Berlin shows on 29. April 2023 (Opening: 28.04.) the exhibition Series by the artist Ted Stamm.

Ted Stamm (1944–1984) is one of the most multifaceted representatives of the New York art scene of the 1970s and 1980s. The various series of works in his paintings, drawings, and photographically documented street art projects are interrelated in many ways. They are impressively presented in his first solo exhibition at KEWENIG, shedding light on his constant examination of the environment of his time and his tireless experimental approach.Ted Stamm (1944-1984) ist einer der vielseitigsten Vertreter der New Yorker Kunstszene der 1970er und 1980er Jahre. Die verschiedenen Werkserien seiner Gemälde, Zeichnungen und fotografisch dokumentierten Street-Art-Projekte sind in vielfältiger Weise miteinander verbunden. Sie werden in seiner ersten Einzelausstellung bei KEWENIG eindrucksvoll präsentiert und beleuchten seine ständige Auseinandersetzung mit dem Umfeld seiner Zeit und seinen unermüdlichen experimentellen Ansatz.

Of outstanding importance in Stamm’s oeuvre is the ‘Wooster’ series; it was a continuation of earlier experiments with lines and forms. Inspired by the layout of a lot near his studio in SoHo, he developed a simple yet complex form in 1974: a square in conjunction with a triangle. Both basic shapes merge into a single form, the ‘Wooster’ form, which is given a variation, ‘Lo Wooster’, in stretched distortion. The ‘Dodger’ shape, inspired by the shape of a baseball field is relatively complex and allows for a variety of variations: It describes a shallow arc on the upper right side, usually tapering to the right. To the left, irregular polygonal forms are added in each case, with unexpected breaks and voids. Both series of works are preceded by ‘Cancel’ and ‘Chance’ and are accompanied and complemented by series such as ‘Tag’ or ‘Zephyr’.

On the occasion of the exhibition, KEWENIG is publishing the most comprehensive, richly illustrated monograph on Ted Stamm to date. It is published by Hatje Cantz and contains contributions by Tiffany Bell, Christine Mehring, Jeffrey Saletnik, and Andrew Wasserman, among others. It provides an informative insight into the life and work of the artist, who became influential for an entire generation of subsequent artists.

Opening: Friday, 28. April 2023, 6:00 – 9:00 pm.

Exhibition dates: Saturday, 29. April bis Saturday, 8. July 2023

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Bildunterschrift: Ted Stamm, Copyright The Estate of Ted Stamm, Courtesy of Kewenig, Berlin

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