post-title Susa Templin | Solo Exhibition | Galerie Kornfeld | 05.03.-23.04.2022

Susa Templin | Solo Exhibition | Galerie Kornfeld | 05.03.-23.04.2022

Susa Templin | Solo Exhibition | Galerie Kornfeld | 05.03.-23.04.2022

Susa Templin | Solo Exhibition | Galerie Kornfeld | 05.03.-23.04.2022

until 23.04. | #3330ARTatBerlin | Galerie Kornfeld presents in partnership with Galerie Anita Beckers (Frankfurt/Main) from 5 March 2022 a solo exhibition of photographic works by the artist Susa Templin.

Susa Templin’s works wander between media and cross borders. The trained painter has found her medium in analogue photography, but like a sculptor she uses photographic images of mostly architectural structures and motifs to create spatial installations and three-dimensional photographic objects by superimposing two-dimensional images. These detach themselves from the wall to be perceived like a sculpture in space and time.

The starting point for Susa Templin’s works are images of spaces that she has seen, photographed and added to her archive. She works with this archive. Not brushes and oil paint, but the ever-growing collection of her own photographic images is her “paintbox”, the artist confessed in an interview. In her studio, she brings the various photographs from her archive into a plastic relationship with each other. She arranges them in space, lets them overlap or just slightly, and thus finds well-considered compositions, which she then photographs. These photographs bear traces of the real, but at the same time always open up something new: a never-before-seen, image-immanent reality.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy of Galerie Kornfeld - Susa Templin - Spatial Abstractions 3 2022
Spatial Abstractions #3, 2022, multilayer collage
in printed acrylic glass cover
, 171 x 126 x 10 cm

Susa Templin’s first exhibition at Galerie Kornfeld is a result of the gallery’s close collaboration with Galerie Anita Beckers in Frankfurt. Galerie Kornfeld is delighted to have been able to work with Susa Templin to put together a selection of her stratifications for Berlin that reflects her current work as well as the path she has taken with her art to date.

“Berlin Barock” (> Berlin Baroque) is the name Susa Templin has given to a series of works that have not (or no longer) been seen in the capital since their presentation at the Berlinische Galerie in 2007. Analogue photographs are reassembled here in three dimensions: Photographs from backyards in Wedding meet images of glittering, glamorous window displays on Kurfürstendamm, opening up pictorial spaces that cannot be rationally resolved and thus a new, dizzying reality. The four images of “Constructions, Linienstraße” from 2018 are also designed with models in the artist’s studio and show how a new reality emerges from the staggering and folding of several images and the targeted use of light and shadow.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy of Galerie Kornfeld - Susa Templin - Constructions Linienstrasse 2018
Constructions, Linienstrasse, 2018, analogue photography, 4 hand prints, 50 x 75 cm

While these images of spatial stratifications are the motifs of two-dimensional photographs, the photographic images of overlapping and layered objects and spaces in the more recent works detach themselves from the surface: in the works of the group “Bent & Folds” from 2019/20, the photographs are applied to an image carrier that is bent and deformed in a second step. The photographic image actually penetrates from the surface into the space. In the two large-format object boxes “Spatial Abstraction” from 2022, on the other hand, several pictorial layers overlap in space in glass boxes hanging on the wall: a colourfully constructed photographic image, which appears as an (associative) architectural spatial structure and is applied to the inside of the acrylic glass box, also pushes itself spatially as a semi-transparent layer in front of the photographic print mounted behind it, which is attached to the rear wall of the box. Photographed and real spatial layering combine, the image becomes a “double exposure” and a three-dimensional object that allows the viewer to constantly discover new views of the same work.

Finally, “Glas im Glas” (> Glass in Glass) (2019) detaches itself completely from the wall and stands as an object in space. The photographic image, also here printed on semi-transparent and and subsequently deformed acrylic, stands as a three-dimensional sculpture in space. The image of the reflection of bare branches and twigs on a curved windscreen now itself becomes a disc curving in space, which, not far from the terrace door of the Kornfeld Gallery, pushes itself in front of the view into the garden of the house at Fasanenstraße 26 and thus surprises the viewer with another perceptual reality.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy of Galerie Kornfeld - Susa Templin - Glas im Glas 2019
Glas im Glas, 2019, Plexiglas, thermal UV print on both sides, moulded,150 x 200 cm

Susa Templin (*1965, Hamburg) studied experimental film and painting at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste – Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main and at the Hochschule der Künste in Berlin from 1987 to 1993. Since her studies, she has been questioning the spatial qualities of the medium of photography in large-scale installations. In ever new groups of works, the artist deconstructs and reconstructs the photographically captured space in analogue and digital form and examines it for its third and fourth dimensions.

Her photographic, partly walk-in room installations have been shown in renowned national and international institutions, such as the Kunsthalle Mannheim, the Berlinische Galerie – Museum für Moderne Kunst, Berlin, the Fotogalleriet Format, Malmö (Sweden), the Kunsthalle Nürnberg, the MAM, Museo de Arte Moderna de São Paulo (Brazil), the Museum Folkwang Essen, the Goethe-Institut Washington D.C.. (USA), the Museum für Konkrete Kunst Ingolstadt and the Biennale des Images in Paris (France). Works by the artist can be found in numerous public collections, including the Städel Museum, Frankfurt am Main, the Berlinische Galerie – Museum für Moderne Kunst, Berlin, the Kunsthalle Mannheim, the art collection of the DZ BANK and the photography collection of the Historisches Museum in Frankfurt am Main as well as the Museum für Konkrete Kunst, Ingolstadt and the Sammlung Zeitgenössische Kunst des Bundes, Bonn.

Vernissage: Saturday, 5 March 2022, noon – 7 p.m.

Exhibition dates: Saturday, 5 March – Saturday, 23 April 2022

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