post-title Sharka Hyland | BILDER | Galerie Dittmar | 18.11.2023-10.01.2024

Sharka Hyland | BILDER | Galerie Dittmar | 18.11.2023-10.01.2024

Sharka Hyland | BILDER | Galerie Dittmar | 18.11.2023-10.01.2024

Sharka Hyland | BILDER | Galerie Dittmar | 18.11.2023-10.01.2024

until 10.01. | #4104ARTatBerlin | Galerie Dittmar shows from 18. November 2023 the exhibition BILDER by the artist Sharka Hyland.

Sharka Hyland, born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, lives and works in Philadelphia. Since 1998 teaching position at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, School of Design. 2007 and 2010 research stay as Artist in Residence at the Banff Centre, Canada. 2009 Winner of the 32nd Annual Wind Challenge, Philadelphia. Numerous exhibitions since 2012, including at Gallery Joe in Philadelphia and in Paris. For the exhibition there in March 2015 at the Salon du Dessin, report on her in the New York Times. 2015 research project of the Franz and Virginia Bader Fund, 2016 research residency at the Civitella Ranieri Visual Arts Fellowships in Umbria. Since 2014 Lecturer in Visual Studies at the University of Pennslvania, Philadelphia.

“Sharka Hyland confronts us not only with a reinterpretation of what a drawing is, but also with a reinterpretation of the narrative. Most of us use some kind of narrative when we create or view a work of art. What if the narrative, as it is and unchanged, even the text itself, is the artwork?
Sharka Hyland shows graphite drawings of text passages taken from important narrative literature or poetry. We all associate a work of art with a visual image. Sharka Hyland challenges this expectation by providing us with an image that is only written, the image of a text. The texts she chooses are of high visual quality, and when they are read, the reader’s (the viewer’s) imagination is strongly engaged. The artist gives us an image that is devoid of the pictorial; it is up to the viewer to create or recreate it in his mind, solely for himself.

Irrespective of the considerations regarding this sophisticated concept, the text images are captivating through their beautiful graphic form alone. The works have a great aesthetic appeal, even if they are not read. The reproduced text itself, its form and texture, is pure and perfect in its simplicity. Few things have touched me as much as Sharka Hyland’s drawings in recent times.”

(Sabina Tichindeleanu, Sharka Hyland – The Text Drawings, from: Music: Breath of the Statues. Sharka Hyland, Edition Dittmar, Berlin 2017)

Opening: Saturday, 18. November 2023, 11 am – 2 pm

Exhibition dates: Saturday, 18. November bis Wednesday, 10. January 2024

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Image caption: Else Lasker-Schüler, Styx, 2023, pencil on paper, 30.4 × 40.5 cm

Exhibition Sharka Hyland – Galerie Dittmar | Zeitgenössische Kunst in Berlin | Contemporary Art | Exhibitions Berlin Galleries | ART at Berlin

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