post-title Marina Apud Schneider + Hinrich Kröger | Malerei und Objekte | Galerie mutare | 05.03.-23.04.2022

Marina Apud Schneider + Hinrich Kröger | Malerei und Objekte | Galerie mutare | 05.03.-23.04.2022

Marina Apud Schneider + Hinrich Kröger | Malerei und Objekte | Galerie mutare | 05.03.-23.04.2022

Marina Apud Schneider + Hinrich Kröger | Malerei und Objekte | Galerie mutare | 05.03.-23.04.2022

until 23.04. | #3361ARTatBerlin | Galerie mutare presents from 5th March 2022 in a duo exhibition paintings and objects by the artists Marina Apud Schneider and Hinrich Kröger.

Between dream and waking state, light and shadow, a whole world seems to exist, which we are allowed to approach with a peculiar feeling of familiarity and also strangeness. The possibility of dreaming attentively arises. The imitation of reality is one of the oldest forms of art. Apud Schneider, however, goes beyond the mere reproduction of reality and creates a super-naturalness not only through unreal scenes, but also through the special choice of colours and light situations, which manifests itself in the unique surface and depth of the oil painting. The gloominess of the skulls and animal bones hark back to the baroque idea of the memento mori, but are to be understood less as a moral appeal and more as a loving reconciliation and union with the darkness. Indeed, there is an exciting liveliness in the paintings that attentive viewers will discover.

In what at first appears to be a great contrast, the Mutare Gallery is showing ceramics and porcelain. The Berlin artist Hinrich Kröger is responsible for this. As with Apud Schneider, Kröger’s objects reflect the diversity of human existence and present the dark side as reality. Here, too, the visualisation of the unconscious, which becomes reality and influences us more than we sometimes suspect. Kröger’s figures, vases and objects cannot be pinned down to any one style. Some are opulent, decorated with gold and a touch of classical ceramic art. The bulk of his work, however, is made up of whimsical interpretations of social impressions in general, bursting with indiv duality and perhaps even sharp-tongued. Kröger shows us people and animals in all situations of life, which become interesting above all because of their very own, original point of view. His works do not depict classical ideals. He is concerned with reality and perhaps also a little bit with playing with it and a little bit perhaps with exaggerating reality or how he sees it. Kröger’s art delights, at the same time it stimulates reflection, shows new perspectives, plays with eroticism and provocation. In short, it shows what we are surrounded by: life.

Marina Apud Schneider, born 1982 in Buenos Aires, began her artistic training at only twelve years old in the studio of Marcelo De Angelis and continued later with other artists, such as Mirocznyk. Since 2019, the artist lives in Spain. Her style moves between classical painting, clarooscuro, baroque, surrealism and fantastic realism. Gallery MUTARE represents Marina Apud Schneider since 2021.

Hinrich Kröger grew up in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg, Köpenick and Neu-Frauenmark. From 1982 to 1984 he learned the craft of pottery and since then has worked in different studios for Antje Scharfe and Sylvia Albu Stanescu, among others. He studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts from 1989 to 1995. In addition to numerous exhibitions, his works have been shown in the past in collaborations together with the French fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier. The Galerie MUTARE shows Hinrich Kröger for the first time in this exhibition.

Vernissage: Saturday, 5th March, 2022, 5:00 – 7:30 pm.

Due to the current situation, the gallery asks for compliance with the mask requirement (FFP2).

Exhibition dates: Saturday, 5th March – Saturday, 23rd April, 2022

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Image caption: Marina Apud Schneider, Ausschnitt: oT | Öl/Lw I 90 x 70 cm | 2021
Hinrich Kröger, Ausschnitt: Wandfigur I 60 x 54 cm I Porzellan I 2021

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