post-title Rogier Arents | A Sequence of Operations | DAD Gallery | 28.04.-16.05.2016

Rogier Arents | A Sequence of Operations | DAD Gallery | 28.04.-16.05.2016

Rogier Arents | A Sequence of Operations | DAD Gallery | 28.04.-16.05.2016

Rogier Arents | A Sequence of Operations | DAD Gallery | 28.04.-16.05.2016

until 16.05. | #0490ARTatBerlin | DAD Gallery (Dutch Art Design Gallery) presents from the 28th April 2016 the solo exhibition “A Sequence of Operations”, with screen prints by Rogier Arents. 

‘A Sequence of Operations’ is a series of fifty unique silk screen prints. The project’s title refers to Arents’ approach to silk screen printing: Applying the principles of the digital algorithm onto the screen printing’s analogue working method.

Finding a technique to create a series in which every print is unique, while using only one silk screen, became an essential starting point of this project. The character of the images is defined by three variable elements: the colour of the ink (cyan, magenta and yellow), the position of the paper in relation to the silk screen (turned 90 degrees repeatedly during the screen print process), and by continuously changing the pattern of the screen by the random removal of grid point stickers. Rogier Arents approached the silk screen printing process as a kind of computer program: A formula with variables, an input and an output. Each step leads to a new composition, resulting in 50 unique artworks.

Arents: “The prints are fulfilling my aspirations as a collection of 50, as compositional series of 5 and as individual prints. I see a single print as a film still: part of the bigger picture but beautiful on its own”.

A selection of the prints will be on show at DAD Gallery during the Berlin Gallery Weekend until 16th of May 2016.

Dutch designer Rogier Arents (1987) graduated from the department Man and Well Being at the Design Academy Eindhoven (NL) in 2012. Arents is fascinated by science, the transfer of knowledge and the meaning of the image within scientific disciplines. He developed a variety of projects where scientific knowledge was translated into a more accessible visual language. Arents aims at developing innovative methods of visualisation by doing graphic and interactive research on new digital techniques.

Commissioned by art and design platform New Window (
The project is funded by Creative Industries Fund NL

Vernissage: Thursday, 28th April 2016, 6:00-9:00 p.m., the artist is present.

Exhibition period: Thursday, 28th April to Monday, 16th May 2016 (including Berlin Gallery Weekend)

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Image caption: ‘A Sequence of Operations’ – screen prints by Rogier Arents for New Window (detail)

Exhibition Rogier Arents – DAD Gallery – Kunst in Berlin ART at Berlin

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