post-title Rencontres Improbables | Gallery oqbo | 03.09.-01.10.2016

Rencontres Improbables | Gallery oqbo | 03.09.-01.10.2016

Rencontres Improbables | Gallery oqbo | 03.09.-01.10.2016

Rencontres Improbables | Gallery oqbo | 03.09.-01.10.2016

until 01.10. | #0744ARTatBerlin | Gallery oqbo shows from 03. September 2016 the exhibition Rencontres Improbables (The Secret Encounters Of Kusama Kalthoum) by amongst others Jayce Salloum and Mireille Kassar.

Rencontres Improbables is to be considered as a stance, a sort of “pause” belonging to a much more global motion.

Making a mark, the proposition is intense rather than merely a sampling, a set of statements of presence and articulations of being.
The project is founded upon the idea of “intensity” rather than of “expansion” or “addition”. It is a summation of joint forces.

There is no frivolity, or at least if there is, it will be for relief; for moments of plea- sure to counter the weight we feel tasked with, the meanings we are driven to make.

These meanings are a matrix of lives, struggles, energies, sculpting the space and engaging the visitor. (Jayce Salloum & Mireille Kassar)
Walaa Al Alawi, Syria/ ordan | Tina-Maria Al Jabri, Beirut | Samirah Alkassim, Washington, DC | Nadim Asfar, Paris/Beirut | Sonny Assu, unceded Ligwildaʼx̱w territory (Campbell River, BC) |
Uriel Barthélémi, Paris | Dominique Lacloche + Thomas Bottini, Paris | Gaye Chan, Kaneohe, Hawai’i | New BC Indian Art and Welfare Society Collective, Canada (is on Indigenous land) | Anita Dube, New Delhi | Ayumi Goto, Kelowna, BC | Stacey Ho, Vancouver | Amélie Legrand, Berlin | Henrick Plenge Jacobsen, Copenhagen | Mireille Kassar, Paris/Beirut | Jeneen Frei Njootli, Vancouver | Bernadette Phan, Vancouver | Thi Tam Phan, Vancouver | Emilio Rojas, Mexico City/Chicago | Jayce Salloum, Vancouver | Wilfred Sampson, Vancouver | Sumugan Sivanesan, Sydney/Berlin | Chris Turo, Vancouver | Jin-me Yoon, Vancouver | Lisa Schmidt-Colinet + Alexander Schmoeger, Vienna + Florian Zeyfang, Berlin

Vernissage: Saturday 03. September 2016, 07:00 p.m.

Exhibition period: Saturday, 03. September – Saturday, 01. October 2016

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Image caption: Rencontres Improbables

Exhibition Rencontres Improbables – Gallery oqbo – Kunst in Berlin ART at Berlin

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