post-title PROOF of CONCEPT | drj art projects | 28.11.-18.01.2020

PROOF of CONCEPT | drj art projects | 28.11.-18.01.2020

PROOF of CONCEPT | drj art projects | 28.11.-18.01.2020

PROOF of CONCEPT | drj art projects | 28.11.-18.01.2020

until 18.01. | #2641ARTatBerlin | drj art projects shows from 28th November 2019 the group exhibition PROOF of CONCEPT with selected artworks by 36 international artists.

At the end of the particularly intensive exhibition year 2019, drj will display a selection of works by leading artists from its long–standing programme, as an Accrochage from its existing inventory. In addition, new works as well as individual additional positions will be integrated into the exhibition as a +. In this way, the continuity of the artistic and content driven orientation of the programme is both underscored and an outlook for the future will be given.

The exhibition title PROOF of CONCEPT has two meanings: on the one hand, works of art from drj‘s artistic programme, specifically composed to form an overall picture, are juxtaposed in the main and side rooms of Esther Stocker‘s Anarchy of Forms, an installation that will remain in place in the entrance space of drj. This allows the audience to put these spaces in relation to each other and – through the new contextualization of the spaces to each other – to experience their own view and personal perception of space anew, possibly also in comparison with the previous exhibition concept. The resulting impressions from spatial memory and new on–site experience can thus be directly examined in retrospect – a consciously experimental procedure, both from the curatorial and artistic perspective! [_1.]

In addition, the title and the exhibition also serve to draw attention to the re–positioning of drj in general: as one or the other may have noticed in recent months, after long years of parallel work the exhibition area – known as dr. julius | ap – as well as the publication and edition division edition ROTE INSEL have been combined in a common conceptual framework as drj art projects and its abbreviation drj. This process was gradually prepared in terms of content and organization and has so far been carried out rather quietly. With PROOF of CONCEPT this now is evident and established permanently. [_2.]

+ artists in PROOF of CONCEPT:
Alain Biltereyst [BE] • Carles Valverde [ES] • Fritz Horstman [US] • Fernanda Fragateiro [PT] • Friederike von Rauch [DE] • Jaromír Novotný [CZ] • Mandy Cano Villalobos [US] • Matthew Hawtin [CN] • Michael Rouillard [US] • Wolfgang Ritter [DE]

Participating artists from drj‘s long–term programme:
Douglas Allsop [GB] • Carlo Battisti [IT] • Wolfgang Berndt [DE] • Willem Besselink [NL] • Hartmut Böhm [DE] • Anna–Maria Bogner [AT] • Monika Brandmeier [DE] • Daniela Comani [IT] • Matthew Deleget [US] • Stephan Ehrenhofer [AT] • Anette Haas [DE] • José Heerkens [NL] • Gilbert Hsiao [US] • Siegfried Kreitner [DE] • Anna Kubelík [CH] • Ray Malone [IE] • Jan van Munster [NL] • Astrid Schindler [DE] • Regine Schumann [DE] • Lucía Simón Medina [ES] • Julius Stahl [DE] • Esther Stocker [IT] • Don Voisine [US] • Jan Maarten Voskuil [NL] • Denise Winter [DE] • Susan York [US]

ART at Berlin - drj - Logo PROOF of CONCEPT

At the end of the exhibition this will be documented in a publication.

At the end of the year, as the most visible change we are now switching completely to two newly developed websites that will replace the previous internet presence: on the one hand, at the new drj–art– domain,
our new main page which has also been optimized for mobile devices, will be redirect to dr–, where all exhibitions since 2008 can still be read in the html environment that has been tried and tested for 12 years……but
which will not be updated any further at the beginning of 2020.
In addition, CENTURY. idee bauhaus is located as a subdomain under drj–art– as an example, representing the future websites of our projects.
And also the newly designed own website of edition ROTE INSEL, rote–, is always accessible from the main page, but of course still directly.
In addition to improved usability on mobile devices, these websites also offer database functionality. Thus you can search for artists of the programme and all their participations in exhibitions, respectively the publications, as
well as for years or other keywords directly on the site. This is an important, future–oriented extension of our offer in view of the wealth of content accumulated in almost 12 years.
Basically, the new websites have an open structure and will be continuously improved, expanded and updated with new functions

Vernissage: Thursday, 28 November 2019, 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.

Exhibition period: Thursday, 28 November to Saturday, 18 January 2020 (closed on general holidays)

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Image caption: drj Accrochage + 2016 [Detail] © M.Seidel / drj art projects

Exhibition PROOF of CONCEPT – drj art projects | Zeitgenössische Kunst Berlin Contemporary Art Exhibitions Berlin Galleries | ART at Berlin



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