post-title ifungiclub and GAMA | Pilz-Rausch | galerie probst | 04.03.-25.05.2023

ifungiclub and GAMA | Pilz-Rausch | galerie probst | 04.03.-25.05.2023

ifungiclub and GAMA | Pilz-Rausch | galerie probst | 04.03.-25.05.2023

ifungiclub and GAMA | Pilz-Rausch | galerie probst | 04.03.-25.05.2023

until 25.05. | #3748ARTatBerlin | galerie probst and ifungiclub present from 4 March 2023 the exhibition Pilz-Rausch (Mushroom Rush) with 99 Fungis NFTs analogue presented by the artist GAMA.

The ifungiclub is a digital art and environmental project that draws attention to the worldwide reduction of biodiversity and other environmental problems. In the exhibition ” Pilz-Rausch” (“Mushroom Rush”), the ifungiclub presents 99 of 999 ifungi NFTs printed in analogue on canvas at galerie probst.

The ifungiclub was founded in 2022 by the internationally renowned artist GAMA and galerie probst. This makes galerie probst one of the first galleries in Germany to offer digital NFT artworks to complement its analogue art repertoire.

“We remain convinced that this trend will remain an integral part of the art market, benefiting both artists and collectors.” Anna Probst, 2023

For this NFT art and environmental project, the artist GAMA has deliberately chosen the mushroom as a motif. For the practising Buddhist GAMA, the mushroom symbolises the beauty of life, rebirth and thus the vision of a lasting world.

ART at Berlin - courtesy of Galerie Probst - GAMA - ifungiclub - Sadness #297
ifungiclub, Sadness #297, courtesy of GAMA und Galerie Probst

GAMA has created a total of 999 mushrooms called ifungis – 99 of which have so far been published as NFTs on the Ethereum-based NFT art marketplace Opensea. Each of the 999 ifungis is digitally hand-drawn by the artist and conveys 999 messages to stop species extinction and man-made environmental destruction. Each of the hand-drawn mushrooms is inspired by an animal on the Red List of endangered animal and plant species. Each mushroom is therefore not only a unique work of art, but also a warning icon.

“I have hope that the animals that fall victim to the destruction of their habitat will be reborn as new creatures.” GAMA, 2022

GAMA was born in Mongolia in 1977 as a nomad child. He has lived and worked in Berlin since 2009. The esteem and respect for creation were “laid in the cradle” for him. Influenced by Mongolian Buddhism and shamanism, he grew up in the vast plains, in harmony with nature and its seasons in Mongolia.

ART at Berlin - courtesy of Galerie Probst - GAMA - ifungiclub - black cat #294
ifungiclub, black cat #294, courtesy of GAMA und Galerie Probst

GAMA’s childhood still shapes his pictorial worlds and his view of the world. For him, it is almost unbearable to see what we humans do to nature and its creatures, and thus also to ourselves. He has seen with his own eyes the exploitation of raw materials, such as rare earths, in his home country.

GAMA uses his outstanding artistic skills to draw attention to this fundamental issue of our time, but without losing his sense of optimism, lightness and magic. He sends a signal against the belief that we humans can make nature our subjects – press it into a “room with wooden planks” (image: “Beacon”). But nature painfully teaches us that this – born of human hubris – is a delusion.

ART at Berlin - courtesy of Galerie Probst - GAMA - ifungiclub - Smoky Butt #824
ifungiclub, Smoky Butt #824, courtesy of GAMA und Galerie Probst

The mushroom runs through his entire oeuvre and is the link between his analogue and digital art. In contrast to his analogue painting, in which he works with various encrypted symbols, in his digital art project he visualises his concern in an unencrypted and direct way.

“I have a lot to say and NFTs help me in my language – the language of art – to communicate my concern to many people” GAMA 2023

In the course of the exhibition “Pilzrausch”, the ifungiclub invites you to the film premiere: “GAMA-Story” – life and work of the artist GAMA (running time approx. 1h) at galerie probst on 17 March 2023, 7:00 pm. The artist tells us in a pictorial and exciting way about his individual stages on his way to becoming an artist in the big city of Berlin.

Exhibition dates: Saturday, 4. March to Friday, 25. May 2023

Closing: Thursday, 25. May 2023 from 6pm

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