post-title Papunya Tula: 50 Years | Michael Reid Berlin | 18.06.-17.07.2021

Papunya Tula: 50 Years | Michael Reid Berlin | 18.06.-17.07.2021

Papunya Tula: 50 Years | Michael Reid Berlin | 18.06.-17.07.2021

Papunya Tula: 50 Years | Michael Reid Berlin | 18.06.-17.07.2021

until 17.07. | #3086ARTatBerlin | Michael Reid Berlin currently presents the exhibition Papunya Tula: 50 Years with works by Australian artists.

This exhibition showcases the pioneering Papunya Tula Art Movement; one of the most significant movements in Australian history. This exhibition presents ten artists of Papunya Tula, who have paved the way for Indigenous art to be recognised as the genre-defying significant artform it is understood as today.

This exhibition features pieces from various artists across the 5 decade history of the Papunya Tula Arts Movement, which began in 1971 when a school teacher, Geoffrey Bardon, encouraged some of the men from the community to paint a mural on the local school. The following year, 1972, the artists successfully established their own company which is entirely owned and directed by Aboriginal people from the Western Desert.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy of Michael Reid Berlin - Nanguma-Napangati-1-e1622282069135
Nanyuma Napangati (born c. 1944), Untitled, 2019, acrylic on linen, 107 x 91 cm

The Papunya Tula painting style derives directly from the artists’ knowledge of traditional body and sand painting associated with ceremony. The portrayal of these dreamtime creation stories for the public has required the removal of sacred symbols and the careful monitoring of ancestral designs.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy of Michael Reid Berlin - Eileen-Napaltjarri-e1610535824556
Eileen Napaltjarri (born c. 1956), Untitled, 2020, acrylic on linen, 122 × 91 cm

The company derives its name from Papunya, a previous settlement 240km north-west of Alice Springs, with two art centres in Kintore and Kiwirrkura, and the artists now live and work across a huge area of central Australia, spread out over several hundred kilometres.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy of Michael Reid Berlin - Pirrmangka Napanangka

Pirrmangka Napanangka, Untitled, 2001, Acrylic on linen, 122 x 122 cm

Papunya Tula Artists are highly regarded, with an exceeding standard of work and distinct styles, and are represented in private collections in Australia, and across the world. as well as in many significant Australian museums, galleries & institutions.

The exhibition can be seen at Michael Reid Berlin as well as online.

Exhibition period: Friday, 18th June to Saturday, 17th July 2021

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