post-title Nicola Samorì | In abisso | Galerie EIGEN + ART Berlin | 03.09.-31.10.2020

Nicola Samorì | In abisso | Galerie EIGEN + ART Berlin | 03.09.-31.10.2020

Nicola Samorì | In abisso | Galerie EIGEN + ART Berlin | 03.09.-31.10.2020

Nicola Samorì | In abisso | Galerie EIGEN + ART Berlin | 03.09.-31.10.2020

until 31.10. | #2844ARTatBerlin | Galerie EIGEN + ART Berlin is currently showing the exhibition “In abisso” with works by the artist Nicola Samorì. The interview with the artist in the context of Gallery Weekend 2020 and background information on his work can be found on DEEDS.WORLD.

Nicola Samorì’s relationship to the sources of his pictures is suffused with a continuous grappling with the history of visual art – not didactic, but substantive. His work as a painter and sculptor necessarily implies confrontation with this legacy, which nowadays is all too often regarded as unwieldy ballast. Samorì has no fear of the past or of his predecessors. He takes possession of them as role models and uses them to traverse the necessary path of knowledge and selfknowledge, using them as instruments to deconstruct their language and to found his own poetics.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy of Galerie EIGEN ART - Nicola Samorì - La degenerazione di Daniel - 2020
Nicola Samorì, La degenerazione di Daniel, Oil on Bardiglio marble,
40 x 30 cm, 2020

The suggestive power of an art-historical icon can be so great that it is reworked again and again over the centuries; each work becomes a building block that gradually loses every component of recognizability, increasingly becomes one with its respective creator, and moves ever further away from the original work. (…)

In the exhibition’s painterly works, Nicola Samorì works with the natural flaws in marble and onyx slabs, with cavities, geodes, and aggregates in the material. The figures in his pictures fit these flaws, rather than hiding them; sometimes these imperfections are repurposed as eyes, sometimes they dissolve into blossoms or faces, and sometimes they imitate nipples. The motifs develop out of a physical defect or deficiency and often point to the martyrdom of biblical or art-historical figures: Lucretia, St. Lucia, or St. Jerome. And when the raw material is flawless, as in the case of Santa Lucia in white Carrara marble, then it the artist who, with his processing, inserts a disruption or anomaly: as in a surgical intervention, he implants natural geodes in the material’s eye sockets. The act that blinds the picture opens the gaze of those who view it – for new interpretations of the canon.

Excerpt from a text by Chiara Stefani
Translation from Italian by Sabine Heymann

Soft opening: Thursday, September 3, 2020, 5 – 8 p.m.

Exhibition dates: Thursday, September 3 – Saturday, October 31, 2020

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