post-title NFT meets Traditional Art | Bermel von Luxburg Gallery | 03.11.-19.11.2022

NFT meets Traditional Art | Bermel von Luxburg Gallery | 03.11.-19.11.2022

NFT meets Traditional Art | Bermel von Luxburg Gallery | 03.11.-19.11.2022

NFT meets Traditional Art | Bermel von Luxburg Gallery | 03.11.-19.11.2022

until 19.11. | #3690ARTatBerlin | Bermel von Luxburg Gallery shows from 03 November 2022 the exhibition “NFT meets Traditional Art”.

BvL x Kunstleben Berlin
Galerie Bermel von Luxburg, in collaboration with Kunstleben Berlin, is pleased to launch our first series entitled NFT meets TRADITIONAL ART and invites you to this exciting project:

NFT meets Traditional Art

Can digital and traditional, physical art inspire each other? This question will be explored in the exhibition NFT meets traditional Art, which will take place from 3 to 19 November 2022 at Galerie Bermel von Luxburg in Berlin Charlottenburg and in parallel at the virtual Musée Dezentral. In addition, works by all participating artists will be posted as NFT on 03 November. A premiere not only for most artists, but also for the brand new NFT platform kunstleben.ART.

The continued success of the ROMS NFT Collection presented by Galerie Bermel von Luxburg and the ongoing interest in NFTs and digital art formats gave gallery owners Aleksandra von Luxburg & Mario Bermel the idea to follow up on this. Together with Romy Campe from Kunstleben Berlin, we have developed a format that unites the most diverse art genres, which have been somewhat estranged until now.

So we launched an OPEN CALL on 20 September 2022. The aim was to find artists who not only work traditionally, for example painting or making sculptures, but combine these works with digital art or even already deal with the technology of NFTs. The questions that were central to the planned exhibition were:

Exhibition in two places at the same time
Almost 100 artists accepted the invitation, from which 14 artists were selected. The decisive criteria were, on the one hand, the range of the works shown, the innovation of the work, the combination of new and traditional media and the artistic quality.

Romy Campe explains: “On the one hand, we wanted to show the facets of digital art – from digitally painted images to photography, VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality), video, mixed media, AI (artificial intelligence), digital fashion and NFT architecture. Ideally, artists should also work traditionally alongside the digital form and present this work as well. We want to show that the boundaries between traditional and digital art are blurred, or better: do not exist at all. Because digital art and traditional art have one thing in common: it’s art!”

Selected ARTISTS:
Bloom Jr, Nicole Doth, Daniela Dusk, Sabrina-Jasmin Kirschberger, Patricia Lambertus, Schirin Negahbani, OPHEAR, Rebekka Revel, ROMY, Corina Rosteck, Sabina Sakoh, Olaf Schirm, Dominik Schmitt, Marc Wieneke.



Vernissage:Thursday 3 November at 06:00 p.m.

Exhibition dates: Thursday, 3 November to Saturday, 19 November 2022


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Image caption: ROMS, Flatterer, Artist ROMY aka @Kunstromy @Photo: Kunstromy

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