post-title Mit leiser Kraft | Group Show | Salongalerie Die Möwe | 17.04.-12.06.2021

Mit leiser Kraft | Group Show | Salongalerie Die Möwe | 17.04.-12.06.2021

Mit leiser Kraft | Group Show | Salongalerie Die Möwe | 17.04.-12.06.2021

Mit leiser Kraft | Group Show | Salongalerie Die Möwe | 17.04.-12.06.2021

until 12.06. | #2997ARTatBerlin | Salongalerie Die Möwe presents from 17th April 2021 the group show “Mit leiser Kraft” with works by the artists Vera Schwelgin, Wolfgang Reinke and Emerita Pansowová.

The new exhibition at the Berlin Salongalerie “Die Möwe” presents works by the Berlin artist couple Vera Schwelgin and Wolfgang Reinke and the sculptor Emerita Pansowová from Prenden in Brandenburg under the title “Mit leiser Kraft” (> With Quiet Power) from 17 April to 12 June 2021. The three artists, who studied at art colleges in the GDR in the 1960s and 1970s, have known each other for many decades, but in this exhibition they are showing their work together for the first time. Vera Schwelgin is represented with woodcuts, woodcut collages and tempera works, Wolfgang Reinke’s drawings with chalk and charcoal as well as collages are on display, and Emerita Pansowová presents stone sculptures and bronze sculptures. All the works have a quiet, yet insistent power. As an expression of the different artists’ personalities, it shows itself in each work in an individual way.

The Baltic Sea landscape plays a special role in the work of Vera Schwelgin (*1943) and Wolfgang Reinke (*1942). During their summer stays on the coast and in the hinterland, they record impressions that they later translate into art. While Vera Schwelgin concentrates on people in her paintings, for Wolfgang Reinke the landscape is the focus of his drawings.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy of Salongalerie Die Moewe - Vera Schwelgin
Vera Schwelgin

Vera Schwelgin’s archaic figures, at peace with themselves, radiate a delicate sensitivity despite their monumental presence and awaken a variety of sensations and associations in the viewer. Over time, the woodcut has developed into an important form of expression for the artist. She changes and deepens the impression and message of her prints with paint, brush and pencil or by using the collage technique. In this way, she creates individual works, unique pieces, which are often based on the same theme – human longings, states of mind and being – but always strike a different, new poetic note.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy of Salongalerie Die Moewe - Wolfgang Reinke
Wolfgang Reinke | Mecklenburg | 2012 | Schwarze Kreide | 59 x 83,7 cm

Wolfgang Reinke’s drawings do not depict a specific place, but rather the artist’s emotional experience at the sight of the beach and the sea. Light reflections and unobtrusive colour accents often intensify the atmosphere and urgency of his works. While Reinke’s drawings are entirely based on perception and emotion, his geometrically linear works are concerned with the psychological effect of the representation of space on the viewer. With a sophisticated composition of light and dark grey surfaces, he creates unreal perspectives and labyrinthine aberrations that nevertheless suggest an apparent reality.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy of Salongalerie Die Moewe - Emerita Pansowova
E. Pansowová – Bronzen: Schreitende, 1980, H: 28,5 cm |
S. unterwegs,  2019,
H: 39 cm |  Sich Wendende, 1999, H: 20 cm

Like Vera Schwelgin, Emerita Pansowová (*1946) is dedicated to the human figure. In her strictly composed, monumental-looking stone sculptures and small, delicate bronze sculptures, the artist captures restrained body positions, cautious movements and sparing gestures as an expression of the personalities portrayed. expression of the personalities portrayed. Calmness, strength and dignity as well as sensitivity and vulnerability are inherent in these works, which correspond in a quiet and harmonious way with Vera Schwelgin’s paintings.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy of Salongalerie Die Moewe - Wolfgang Reinke Band 2017
Wolfgang Reinke | Band | 2017 | Kreide | 40,5 x 61 cm

The exhibition can be visited from Saturday, 17 April 2021, from 12 to 6 pm. A preview of the exhibition is possible by appointment.

Opening: Saturday, 17 April 2021

Exhibition dates: Saturday, 17 April 2021 to Saturday, 12 June 2021

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