post-title Milen Till | Endless Edition | Crone Berlin | 18.02.-07.03.2021

Milen Till | Endless Edition | Crone Berlin | 18.02.-07.03.2021

Milen Till | Endless Edition | Crone Berlin | 18.02.-07.03.2021

Milen Till | Endless Edition | Crone Berlin | 18.02.-07.03.2021

until 07.03. | #2966ARTatBerlin | Crone Berlin shows since 18 February 2021 the exhibition Endless Edition, a project by the artist  Milen Till.

Milen Till is a master’s student of Gregor Hildebrandt at the University of the Arts in Munich. For his artistic practice, he draws on set pieces from art history, pop culture, and everyday life. He always uses them with the aim of giving them a new meaning, but one that grows out of their original function or is related to it in a deeper, not immediately clear way.

For his Endless Edition, Till works his way through the elementary motif of the column, which literally plays a leading role in art history and has been reinterpreted time and again. In a mixture of seriousness and irony, he attempts to create the ultimate, perfect column, knowing full well that failure is preordained and can at best be averted or at least delayed in the endless, permanent updating of the project.

For this continuation, which is systematically inherent in the project, Till enlists the support of collectors, curators, and art lovers. He invites them to participate in the production of the works and thus makes them accomplices in his undertaking.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy of Galerie Crone - Milen Till - 1
Milen Till  – Endless Edition

The starting point and inspiration for Endless Edition is Constantin Brâncuși’s sculpture Endless Column, which is composed of a continuing series of links. Till reinterprets the work by reaching deep into the canon of art history. He selects fifty iconographic column motifs by famous artists and transfers them to coffee cups—from Brâncuși’s Endless Column itself to works by Richard Serra, Louise Bourgeois, Carl Andre, Isa Genzken, Ai Weiwei, Tony Cragg, and Yoko Ono. The result is fifty cups with fifty different motifs that can be stacked on top of each other like the links of Brâncuși’s column.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy of Galerie Crone - Milen Till - 2
Milen Till  – Endless Edition

In the production of the cup towers, the collectors and buyers have a special role. They can choose up to twelve pieces from the fifty motifs, which the artist then lines up and screws together. Through the interaction of buyer and artist, unique and individual works are created. The interaction is an essential element of the work, which leads to a constant, endless continuation of the column of cups and at the same time generates ever new varieties of various column motifs from art history.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy of Galerie Crone - Milen Till - 3
Milen Till  – Endless Edition

Until March 7, 2021, all fifty cup and column motifs, as well as two first Endless Edition columns, will be on display in Crone Berlin’s Fasanenstrasse location. The works can also be seen from the street as a “window exhibition” during the current lockdown. At the same time, you can order up to twelve motifs on the Crone Edition website, which Milen Till will then assemble into your own custom art object. One motif costs 60.00 euros.

Exhibition period: Thursday, 18 February to Sunday, 7 March 2021

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