post-title Milen Till | Till Now | Crone Berlin | 24.06.-29.07.2023

Milen Till | Till Now | Crone Berlin | 24.06.-29.07.2023

Milen Till | Till Now | Crone Berlin | 24.06.-29.07.2023

Milen Till | Till Now | Crone Berlin | 24.06.-29.07.2023

until 29.07. | #3953ARTatBerlin | Crone Berlin shows from 24. June 2023 the exhibition „Till Now“ of the artist Milen Till.

Presentation of the book TILL NOW by Milen Till and opening of the exhibition of the same name at the Berlin gallery. The book and the exhibition provide an overview of Till’s work to date, which combines conceptual art with ready-made art and invites diverse interpretations.

For example, curator and art historian Anja Heitzer writes in her text contribution to the book: “With his playful approach, Till takes aim at the art scene of the last century, which was characterised by the cult of genius and exuberant masculinity. With wit and charm, he questions the powerful gesture of large formats, the unbroken significance of big names and the special recognisability of great works.”

Author and Head of Media at the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, Holger Liebs, emphasises that Till’s interactive art actions “often reflect the logic of the internet, in its dialectic and suspension of authorship and virally generated fame of the individual”.

The publicist and art critic Robert Prinz elaborates on the fact that Till repeatedly deals with iconographic works by famous artists in his works: “He peels out their essential features, alienates them, contextualises them, establishes intriguing connections and gives them a new meaning. In doing so, he sometimes deliberately leads the viewer astray, sometimes directly to the core of the alienated works.”

In his essay for “Till Now”, “Zeit” editor Lars Weisbrod asks: “Is art intelligent entertainment?” And immediately provides the answer: “As far as Milen Till’s art is concerned – but certainly. Very intelligent entertainment!”

And art blogger and Gallerytalk-Net editor-in-chief Anna Meinecke states, “Till wants nothing less than to get it all out. He is looking for an expression that is not intrusive and yet compelling.”

Drinks & Chocolates will be served at the book presentation and opening reception.

Opening: Saturday, 24. June 2023, from 3pm

Exhibition dates: Saturday, 24. June until Saturday, 29. July 2023

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Image caption: Exhibition view Milen Till, Till Now, ©Crone Berlin

Exhibition Milen Till – Crone Berlin | Zeitgenössische Kunst in Berlin | Contemporary Art | Ausstellungen Berlin Galerien | ART at Berlin

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