post-title Max Kersting | Alle Menschen schmecken gleich | pavlov’s dog | 15.03.-06.04.2019

Max Kersting | Alle Menschen schmecken gleich | pavlov’s dog | 15.03.-06.04.2019

Max Kersting | Alle Menschen schmecken gleich | pavlov’s dog | 15.03.-06.04.2019

Max Kersting | Alle Menschen schmecken gleich | pavlov’s dog | 15.03.-06.04.2019

until 06.04. | #2395ARTatBerlin | pavlov’s dog shows from 15th March 2019 the eexhibition Alle Menschen schmecken gleich by the artist Max Kersting.

Eat animals or leave them be? – The war on the right diet goes on in every halfway intelligent consumer’s brain and is characterized by moral conflicts, contradictions, placebos for self-calming and by mobilizing tremendous powers of suppression.

Max Kersting

Since our relationship to food is such a complicated one, food is one of Max Kersting’s favorite topics. He himself hasn’t eaten meat for years as he’s quite an expert on the subject. Only occasional hints of human weakness let him suffer from those all too well known yoyo effects and lead him to make compromises once in a while. His habit to sell the Eschenfelder grain flaker on Ebay every now and then and replace a fresh porridge by a rich butter and Nutella breakfast toast, just to condemn the Nutella toast and buy a new Eschenfelder grain flaker three months later, has proven symptomatic.

In the very edifying exhibition „Alle Menschen schmecken gleich“ („All Humans Taste Alike“) he now gathers all his experiences with meat, sausages and vegetables above all. Besides humans animals will have a say.

Tim Turiak

Max Kersting

Max Kersting, *1983. Having grown up between inline skating and obsessive-compulsive disorders in Lippstadt, Max Kersting studied design in Düsseldorf, became desperate being a copywriter in Berlin and only regained courage and joy working on free projects in 2011. Since then he is especially know for overwriting old photographs with cunning remarks. Disguised as a novel a selection of his works was published by Metrolit in 2013, a picture column in Süddeutsche Zeitung followed in 2014/2015. „Alle Menschen schmecken gleich“ („All Humans Taste Alike“) is his third exhibition at pavlov’s dog.

Exclusively for this exhibition, a poster edition will be published with the motif of the newsletter in the format 50 x 70 cm, edition 100, numbered, 15 €. Pre-order at:

Opening: Thursday, 14th March 2019, from 7.00 pm

Exhibition period: Friday, 15th March– Saturday, 6th April 2019

Zu pavlov's dog


Image caption: Courtesy of pavlov’s dog – Max Kersting

Exhibition Max Kersting – Galerie pavlov’s dog | Zeitgenössische Kunst in Berlin | Contemporary Art | Exhibition Berlin Galleries | ART at Berlin

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