post-title Matten Vogel | EOJTGBRÜ | Galerie kajetan Berlin | 04.07.-05.09.2020

Matten Vogel | EOJTGBRÜ | Galerie kajetan Berlin | 04.07.-05.09.2020

Matten Vogel | EOJTGBRÜ | Galerie kajetan Berlin | 04.07.-05.09.2020

Matten Vogel | EOJTGBRÜ | Galerie kajetan Berlin | 04.07.-05.09.2020

until 05.09. | #2770ARTatBerlin | Galerie kajetan Berlin presents from 4th July 2020 the solo exhibition EOJTGBRÜ by the artist Matten Vogel.

Art is the union of blobs and diagrams according to Leonardo da Vinci.[1]
Matten Vogel’s works seem to follow this long tradition.
However, Vogel’s painting places a different emphasis and diversifies the traditional reference mentioned.

Every system of order demonstrates consistency in its exceptions. (Christoph Tannert)

In his KW series (2012 – 2018) – a series of pictures, each of which records and is created within a calendar week by Matten Vogel – the artist places a grid of fine pencil lines on a white primed fibreboard and fills the small squares with black circles. The forms themselves – a circle and a square – are the simplest of all geometrical figures, and are, so to speak, the ones and the zeros in his analogue cosmos. In his working rhythm, however, and during the course of the week, disturbances and interruptions, as well as minor and major distractions occur. They find expression in his works as imperfections: fields remain empty; dots slip out of their orbits; groups and small clusters form, disturbing the wandering eye. The irritation expedient in his work persists within the discerning viewer, too. Consequently, it is not the individual artwork, but the viewer and the surroundings that are assigned the role of constituting the work.[2]

In another series since 2017, his SCROLL paintings, Matten Vogel has been recording the moment of an expectation: The anticipation of something coming into view. Searching for images on Google, he noticed that time and again a pattern of pastel color fields appeared, which served as stand-ins for the detected images that have not yet emerged. To do this, he has to scroll down and overtake the machine. Because even though the algorithm is fast, it is unable to show all the suggested proposals at the same time, which can produce the odd effect of being ahead of it and seeing abstract images arise – images that appear to stand in the tradition of Piet Mondrian. At least until the machine catches up.

Thus a fleeting moment of vagueness takes shape – in the form of Matten Vogel’s concrete painting.[3]

ART at Berlin - kajetan Berlin - Matten Vogel - Foto Marcus Schneider -1
Matten Vogel | EOJTGBRÜ | Exhibition view 2020 | Courtesy Matten Vogel and kajetan Berlin | Photo: Marcus Schneider

The work produced by Matten Vogel is currently defined by grids and line systems. However, in his case a grid is not a prison but rather a breathing structure that allows room for hiding places, for the artist to overstep conventional boundaries and, by touching on the realm of the uncertain and constantly triggering disappointment and illusion.

Currently, Vogel’s grids are in the process of disintegrating. They nurture doubts about the certainty of knowledge. They are the product of a stringent past and are in search of an organic present. They are pushing forwards in space and are simultaneously starting to stagger. They are beginning to totter and are causing even us to oscillate, which results in us perceiving ourselves differently.

In Matten Vogel’s paintings, the balance between an impression and oscillation goes together. (Christoph Thannert)
They are blobs and diagrams – but not in the traditional sense of their union or unity of Leonardo’s.
Matten Vogel’s drippings, dots, blobs, lines or raster images break out into both the casual and the subjectively picturesque.

The gallery kajetan berlin is very pleased to be able to present Matten Vogel’s first exhibition in the gallery, for which a 90 page catalogue with a text by Christoph Tannert will be published, which it has used and referred to in the excerpts.[4]

[1] Here after: Kenneth Clark: Klecks und Diagramm. Cologne 1967 (Courtesy of the magazine Der Monat | Print: Werkstätten Galerie Der Spiegel), without page numbers.

[2] Jill Leciejewski: The KW Series, cf., last accessed: 16 June 2020.

[3] Kai Müller: Scroll, cf., last accessed: 16 June 2020.

[4] Christoph Tannert: Acceptance of the Incidental, see also under, last accessed: 16 June 2020.

ART at Berlin - kajetan Berlin - Matten Vogel - Foto Marcus Schneider -3
Matten Vogel | EOJTGBRÜ | Exhibition view 2020 | Courtesy Matten Vogel and kajetan Berlin | Photo: Marcus Schneider

Matten Vogel

lives and works in Berlin and Jüterbog

1965                 born in Hannover
1988 – 1994     Hochschule der Künste Berlin
1994                 Master class Hochschule der Künste Berlin
2003                 Founding of Kartenrecht (KR)
2006 / 2007      Grant award recipient, Berlin

ART at Berlin - kajetan Berlin - Matten Vogel - Foto Marcus Schneider -4
Matten Vogel | EOJTGBRÜ | Exhibition view 2020 | Courtesy Matten Vogel and kajetan Berlin | Photo: Marcus Schneider

ART at Berlin - kajetan Berlin - Matten Vogel - Foto Marcus Schneider -5
Matten Vogel | EOJTGBRÜ | Exhibition view 2020 | Courtesy Matten Vogel and kajetan Berlin | Photo: Marcus Schneider

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2001, paul.GALERIE, Bremerhaven
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Partie, Internationales Kunstforum Drewen
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Matten Vogel, Junge Kunst e.V., Junge Kunst e.V., Wolfsburg (S)
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Dürfen Maurer malen? Galerie vierte Etage, Berlin (S)
Das Bild als Baustelle, Galerie von Otto Koch, Dessau (S)

SOMA in Bethanien, Kunstamt Kreuzberg/Bethanien, Berlin
Rein – Raus, Akademie der Künste, Berlin (mit Gösta Röver)
Architektur – best of Matten Vogel, Galerie vierte Etage, Berlin (S)
Kunst im Stadtraum, Kunstfabrik Potsdam
Fünf Berliner Künstler, Galerie vierte Etage, Berlin
Vierte Etage Berlin, Galerie Kinter, Remshalden
Stadt: Modell, Kunstverein Acud, Berlin

Matten Vogel bebaut die Ministergärten, Ebertstraße, Berlin (S)
Architektur im Mittelmaß, Röller Ravens, Berlin und Christian Behrmann, Hannover (S)
Meisterschüler, Haus am Kleistpark, Neue Galerie der HdK, Berlin

Handgepäck, Bartlett School of Architecture, London
Matten Vogel Immobilien, SOMA Projekt-Galerie, Berlin (S)

Umbau, Friedrichstraße, Berlin


Vernissage: Friday, 3rd July 2020, 6:00 bis 9:00 p.m., with due regard to the valid hygiene and distancing rules

Exhibition period: Saturday, 4th July to Saturday, 5th September 2020

To the Gallery



Image caption cover: Matten Vogel: scroll EQ – 10. Februar 2020 – vor die Zeit kommen, 2020, Oil on Canvas 140 x 95 cm, Photo: Oliver S. Scholten

Exhibition Matten Vogel – Galerie kajetan Berlin | Zeitgenössische Kunst – Contemporary Art – Exhibitions Berlin Galleries | ART at Berlin


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