post-title Markus Rock | Chimera | BBA Gallery | 10.08.-06.09.2023

Markus Rock | Chimera | BBA Gallery | 10.08.-06.09.2023

Markus Rock | Chimera | BBA Gallery | 10.08.-06.09.2023

Markus Rock | Chimera | BBA Gallery | 10.08.-06.09.2023

until 06.09. | #3973ARTatBerlin | BBA Gallery presents ab 10. August 2023 the exhibition Chimera by german photographer Markus Rock.

BBA Gallery presents “Chimera”, a solo exhibition of the latest series by German fine-art photographer Markus Rock. His exhibition comes after Rock participated in the BBA Photography Prize 2022 group exhibition, as part of the 2022 shortlist. Photographed in 2019 at Uferstudios, Berlin, “Chimera” plays on perception and imagination. The bodies of Julia and Siri – uncanny in their resemblance – are a projection surface where individuals influence how parts of the body combine to form unusual organisms. Upon closer inspection, the Chimera dissolves back into a recognisable collection of disconnected limbs. In the manner of the mythological Greek Chimera, the two figures in the black space of the photographs merge together at bizarre angles. The boundary of the individual is blurred and absurd creatures are formed. The incorporation of dance and extreme physical proximity differentiates these photographs from his previous work. Intuitive and emotionally driven, “Chimera”’ is a testament to the transformative potential of human connections that goes beyond verbal communication.

Opening: Thursday, 10th August 2023, 6pm to 9pm

Exhibition dates: Thursday 10th August to Wednesday 6th September 2023

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Image caption: Markus Rock, Chimera 5, 102 x 77,3 cm, 2019 / 2023

Exhibition Markus Rock – BBA Gallery | Zeitgenössische Kunst in Berlin | Contemporary Art | Ausstellungen Berlin Galerien | ART at Berlin

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