post-title Markus Keibel | UltraUtopia | Anna Jill Lüpertz Gallery | 17.09.-22.10.2016

Markus Keibel | UltraUtopia | Anna Jill Lüpertz Gallery | 17.09.-22.10.2016

Markus Keibel | UltraUtopia | Anna Jill Lüpertz Gallery | 17.09.-22.10.2016

Markus Keibel | UltraUtopia | Anna Jill Lüpertz Gallery | 17.09.-22.10.2016

until 22.10. | #0690ARTatBerlin | Anna Jill Lüpertz Gallery presents from 17th September 2016 the exhibition UltraUtopia – Liberating Verticals of a new Enlightenment for the 21st Century or to think for Oneself – by the artist Markus Keibel.


The war on Reason must be waged against itself, in that it constitutes presumption, reduction of all realities to the principle of reason, subordination of the world to the term. The attempt to lock the alogon or the non-conceptual into the cage of Reason, to domesticate it like a wild animal, in fact belongs to the dream of the sequence of occidental metaphysics we call Enlightenment. It was the attempt to subordinate everything differing to the synthetic power of identitarian thinking, as Adorno coined it. The dream of Enlightenment is the dream of unity and a certain universality: a dream of understanding and commonality under the banner of Reason. “Enlightenment”, says Heiner Müller, “was the attempt to rebuild the tower of Babel. It was the conviction that a common language was discovered in Reason. It was the repression of all other languages through rationality. The high trauma of our civilization is the linguistic confusion: The loss of a common basis for understanding and communication. Now, the tower, the project Enlightenment, has collapsed. One cannot rebuild the tower, but one can set it in motion. With the death of reflection as constituting force, all other languages are liberated. They can be spoken now.” The loss of a common basis for understanding and communication is, strictly speaking, not much more than the loss of the dream of it, because it never existed elsewhere than in a dream, that’s why to stop dreaming of it does not necessarily mean to stop dreaming. It is said that the dream of infinite languages, the dream of difference, as it was dreamt by poststructuralism, too must be identified as such. Dreams follow a logic that still cries for concepts even if they’re pulling the subject into the non-conceptual, in order to mobilise a dream thinking which can be psychoanalytical. Already at the heart of the Enlightenment the dream of multilingualism insists; not as trauma, but as a chance for a reason that equally retains and follows the idea of communicative conveyance. A reason that knows of its own unreason, which is why the affirmation of difference is part of its self-affirmation.

Text by Marcus Steinweg

Vernissage: Friday, 16th September 2016, 06:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Exhibition period: Saturday, 17th September to Saturday, 22nd Oktober 2016

CAUTION: At POSITIONS – Berlin Art Fair you will find us from September 15th till 18th 2016 at booth no. 1.27. We will present a further work of Markus Keibel.

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Image caption: via Anna Jill Lüpertz Gallery

Exhibition Markus Keibel – Anna Jill Lüpertz Gallery – Art in Berlin ART at Berlin

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