post-title Made in Berlin | CAMERA WORK | 26.05.-25.08.2018

Made in Berlin | CAMERA WORK | 26.05.-25.08.2018

Made in Berlin | CAMERA WORK | 26.05.-25.08.2018

Made in Berlin | CAMERA WORK | 26.05.-25.08.2018

until 25.08. | #2037ARTatBerlin | CAMERA WORK presents from 26th May 2018 the group exhibition “Made in Berlin” with about 100 artworks by more than 20 German and international photo artists, who have dealt in their works with architecture, the diversity of subcultures, the famous personalities and the fashion world of Berlin.

Among the exhibited artists are internationally renowned representatives of classical and contemporary photography such as David LaChapelle, Elliott Erwitt and Anton Corbijn as well as well-known German artists who have been educated in Berlin, influenced by Berlin or found their life and work center in Berlin. For example, Martin Schoeller, who lives in New York and is one of the superstars in portrait photography, was trained at the LetteIVerein in Berlin. Jim Rakete was born in Berlin and the native Hanoverian Olaf Heine works today from Berlin to portray international music stars and to create elaborate art projects. Her portraits of personalities such as Alexandra Maria Lara, Nina Hagen, Blixa Cash, Anna Loos, Harald Juhnke, Norbert Bisky and music bands such as Rammstein and The Boss Hoss offer the viewer a journey through the who’s who of the Berlin acting-, art- and music history.


Each work in the exhibition “Made in Berlin” shows a microcosm of Berlin, which in their entirety draw an exciting, exciting and above all multifaceted picture of the cosmopolitan city. The historical photographs by Thomas Billhardt and Thomas Hoepker show the development of the cityscape of the formerly divided city. On the other hand, the works of Frank Thiel, Blaise Reutersward, Andreas H. Bitesnich and David Drebin compress the immense architectural creativity in the present. The genre of fashion photography, which is so important for the CAMERA WORK gallery, has its own section in the exhibition. Ellen von Unwerth, F. C. Gundlach, Kristian Schuller and Joachim Baldauf present Berlin models, Berlin labels as well as fashion photography, which originated in the capital.

Artist in the exhibition

Joachim Baldauf, Thomas Billhardt, Andreas H. Bitesnich, Anton Corbijn, Elliott Erwitt,  F.  C. Gundlach, Olaf Heine, Thomas Hoepker, David LaChapelle, Karlheinz Lubojanski, Oliver Mark, Will McBride,  Ralph  Mecke, Andreas  Mühe, Jim  Rakete, Blaise  Reutersward, Lukas Roth, Martin Schoeller, Kristian Schuller, Christian Schulz, Alfred Steffen, Frank Thiel, Ellen von Unwerth, Ulrich Wüst

Exhibition period: Saturday, 26th May to Saturday, 25th August 2018, Admission free

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Exhibition Made in Berlin – Camera Work | Zeitgenössische Kunst – Contemporary Art – Galerien Berlin – ART at Berlin

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