post-title Lucas Pertile | Monkey Island | BARK BERLIN GALLERY | 18.02.-10.03.2023

Lucas Pertile | Monkey Island | BARK BERLIN GALLERY | 18.02.-10.03.2023

Lucas Pertile | Monkey Island | BARK BERLIN GALLERY | 18.02.-10.03.2023

Lucas Pertile | Monkey Island | BARK BERLIN GALLERY | 18.02.-10.03.2023

until 10.03. | #3788ARTatBerlin | BARK BERLIN GALLERY presents from 18. February 2023 (Vernissage: 17.02.) the solo exhibition Monkey Island“ with works by the artist Lucas Pertile.

Lucas’ paintings tell of the wilderness, they describe the living wilderness, with agitated, sometimes strongly gestural traces of painting. Everything seems to be in motion, the leaves seem dynamic like horses, the horses wild like a storm and the monkeys seem to be secretly trying out their own society among themselves, making their own coalitions, telling their own myths. Lucas’ colours are bright and intense, capturing the spectacle of blossoms, washed out soils, spectacular celestial phenomena and magical gestures. Quickly placed watery areas bear clumping layers of colour. Just as the rainforest produces an abundance of life at high speed, it must carry away all that has passed in the same measure, a highly dynamic becoming and passing that leaves no time to catch one’s breath. Thus, floating plant remains in the river are crusts of colour on Lucas’ canvases. The dynamics of life will push them to the bottom or wash them further. And just as the intoxication of the living takes over those present, so too does the passing proudly step onto the stage of the rainforest spectacle. The contrast between the Ghosts and half-ghosts of the dead to the flowers allows them to shine in their beauty. In this way, flowers, ghosts and the dead appear in contradictory harmony and the impression is created, that death takes great pleasure in beauty in Lucas’ paintings.

In the hut in the middle of the Misiones jungle where Lucas paints, the fauna is dense and populated with endless ants. The beetles are innumerable. Tarantulas fall to the ground with a dull crunch. The chirping of the insects can be so haunting that you could mistake them for ghosts. The rainforest is alive. Lucas is part of this nature, never neutral, sometimes threatened, sometimes ignored, sometimes an intruder. So the hut also offers protection, but you can’t escape nature, scorpions sting with strong poison and those who are not careful find themselves sinking to the bottom of the streams from which the rainforest generates its glow.

Vernissage: Friday, 17 February 2023, 5:00 to 9:00 p.m.

Exhibition dates: Saturday, 18 February to Friday, 10 March 2023

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Image caption tilte: Lucas Pertile, Forbidden Fungus, Öl und Acryl auf Leinwand, 150 x 200 cm, 2022

Exhibition Lucas Pertile – BARK BERLIN GALLERY | Zeitgenössische Kunst in Berlin | Contemporary Art | Exhibitions Berlin Galerien | ART at Berlin

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