post-title Lieux de Mémoire | Erinnerungsorte | pavlov’s dog | 08.12.2017–03.02.2018

Lieux de Mémoire | Erinnerungsorte | pavlov’s dog | 08.12.2017–03.02.2018

Lieux de Mémoire | Erinnerungsorte | pavlov’s dog | 08.12.2017–03.02.2018

Lieux de Mémoire | Erinnerungsorte | pavlov’s dog | 08.12.2017–03.02.2018

until 03.02. | #1773ARTatBerlin | pavlov’s dog shows since 8th December 2017 the group exhibition Lieux de Mémoire | Erinnerungsorte.

The term „Lieux de Mémoire“ (sites of memory) was coined by the French historian Pierre Nora. The idea: certain sites shape the collective memory of a social group, the memory of common experiences establishes a group identity above all else. „Site“ is to be understood in a metaphorical sense. Not all followers of the hippie movement attended the Woodstock festival in 1969. Nevertheless the site is central for the collective memory of the group, it is a site of memory of the flower power movement. In passing on such sites of memory and the myth they are charged with they change their appearance. A site of memory doesn’t need to be a geographical area, it can also be a historic event, a concept, an institution or a work of art.

The medium of photography plays a particular role in this passing on of such sites of memory: When they’re charged with the memories or associations of the viewer photos convey an atmosphere. The gallery asked 30 (+1) photographers to exhibit one image of a special site of memory for this exhibition. The diversity of commemorative culture was important to the curators: It can be images of social or very personal sites of memory – the boundaries are often fluid. The artist Beatrice Minda for example shows a work about her native village in Romania. The image allows her to keep her childhood experiences alive, says Minda. In order to share their memories with the viewers each artist complements his or her image with an explanation of the work. Thereby the viewer gains access to the sites of memory and the personal stories of the artists.

Johannes Dudziak

Anntonn | Simone Bogner/Adam Knight | Adrian Crispin | Sebastian Denz | Michael Dürr | Anna Domnick | Laure Gilquin | Isabelle Graef | Andrea Grützner | Moritz Haase | Karen Irmer | Leonie Kircher | Jelka von Langen | Beatrice Minda | Ina Niehoff | Noshe | Joachim Richau | Gabriela Torres Ruiz | Linda Rosa Saal | Maxim Sarychau | Anne Schwalbe | Schmott | Rainer Sioda | Nora Ströbel | Anett Stuth | Benita Suchodrev | Jens Waldenmaier | Christian Werner | Michael Wesely | Ulrich Wüst

Special Guest: Steffen Seeger

Vernissage: Thursday, 7th December 2017, 07:00 p.m.

Exhibition period: Friday, 8th December 2017 to 03rd February 2018

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Image caption: Steffen Seeger

Exhibition: Lieux de Mémoire | Erinnerungsorte – pavlov’s dog | ART at Berlin

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