post-title Konstantin Bayer | DER WEIMARHALLENPARK | EIGENHEIM Berlin | 25.03.–21.04.2022

Konstantin Bayer | DER WEIMARHALLENPARK | EIGENHEIM Berlin | 25.03.–21.04.2022

Konstantin Bayer | DER WEIMARHALLENPARK | EIGENHEIM Berlin | 25.03.–21.04.2022

Konstantin Bayer | DER WEIMARHALLENPARK | EIGENHEIM Berlin | 25.03.–21.04.2022

until 21.04. | #3387ARTatBerlin | EIGENHEIM Berlin presents from 25. March 2022 the solo exhibition DER WEIMARHALLENPARK – Fragmente zur Geschichte und Gegenwart ( > THE WEIMARHALLENPARK – Fragments on the past and present) by the artist Konstantin Bayer.

The Weimarhallenpark – a place of recreation, inspiration, art and culture – as a landscape and cultural monument a mediator of history and a place of living present. The artist Konstantin Bayer is interested in the dialogue between man and nature as well as in historical and current situations of social upheaval. Both areas of interest find a catalyst in the examination of this place.

The EIGENHEIM gallery, of which Konstantin Bayer is the artistic director, was founded in Weimar in 2006 and has found its new home in the gardener’s house of the Weimarhallenpark since 2016. The construction of the new Bauhaus Museum, by architect Heike Hanada, in the immediate vicinity of EIGENHEIM Weimar, has given the Weimarhallenpark, which was first mentioned in a document as a ducal tree garden in the 15th century, a new orientation. The history of the park is a reminder of the past centuries, of prosperous as well as harrowing social conditions, be it the Weimar Classicism, the “Third Reich” or the Soviet occupation. In the last few months, Konstantin Bayer researched the history of the Weimar Hall Park in the city archives, lectured with various historians from the City Museum, the Classical Foundation, contacted the City and State Archives, the French National Library, the State Archaeological Museum, spoke with Mr. Bleicher, the former head of the Parks Department about his memories of the park, collected files, documents, pictures & maps – this research is the basis for the exhibition shown here.

Historical maps are graphically reworked as tapestries and tell of the many development steps towards the current image of the park. Sculptures that are no longer in the park are given a contemporary makeover through 3D prints in combination with historical illustrations, atmospheric video works show the everyday life of park visitors and the change of day and seasons through the reflection of the park pond surface, excerpts from files of the Weimar City Archives and a newly developed collection of postcards document fragments of 600 years of park history and tell of personalities such as the entrepreneur Friedrich Justin Bertuch (1747-1822) or the town planner August Lehrmann (1878-1945). A central work in the exhibition is the original bronze of a life-size jumping foal by Wolfgang Rommel (1939 – 1995). This stood in front of the gardener’s house between 1984 and 1995 and has anchored itself deeply in the collective memory of many citizens and visitors to the city of Weimar, but after damage, it fell into oblivion in a magazine of the Office for the Protection of Historical Monuments and has now been brought back into consciousness by Konstantin Bayer in the form of a sculptural intervention. The exhibition is a hybrid in Konstantin Bayer’s artistic and curatorial oeuvre. It shows Bayer as a precise observer, curious zeitgeist & communicator between the different disciplines of research, mediation and reception.

With this exhibition, Konstantin Bayer raises awareness for the history inscribed in the urban landscape, for the environment we live in, for the beauty of nature and for gardens and parks as a total work of art.

The exhibition was shown in 2021 at the Kunsthalle Harry Graf Kessler in Weimar and is now presented at EIGENHEIM Berlin. Galerie EIGENHEIM Berlin is pleased to bring the special location of EIGENHEIM Weimar to the Berlin public.

Vernissage: Friday, 25 March 2022, 7:00 p.m.

Exhibition dates: Friday, 25 March until Thursday, 21 April 2022

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Image caption: courtesy EIGENHEIM Berlin

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