here you will find exhibitions from the selected category. They are sorted in descending order of actuality. New exhibitions are listed at the top. Exhibitions whose runtime is in the past are listed further down. As an art enthusiast, you can also use this archive to find out about past exhibitions. 

Tacita Dean | BORCH Gallery | 26.03.-04.06.2022

until 04.06. | #3393ARTatBerlin | BORCH Gallery presents from 26. March 2022 (Opening: 25.03.) the artist Tacita Dean’s exhibition – her latest printmaking project, Antigone (offset), 2021, together with JG (offset), 2013. The eight offset lithograph diptychs of Dean’s Antigone (offset), 2021, are stills from her 2018 double projection 35mm Cinemascope film Antigone. The starting […]

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Guido Schulz | Lärm der Zeit II | janinebeangallery (Salon) | 29.04.-02.07.2022

until 02.07. | #3391ARTatBerlin | janinebeangallery presents from 29. April 2022 the solo exhibition Lärm der Zeit II (>Noise of Time II) by the artist Guido Schulz in the Salon of the gallery. The janinebeangallery presents new photographies by Guido Schulz in the gallery’s salon. Guido Schulz „Stasimuseum“, 2022, Fine Art Print on Aludibond sealed […]

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Martin Stommel | On Deliverance | janinebeangallery | 28.04.-02.07.2022

until 02.07. | #3390ARTatBerlin | janinebeangallery presents from 28. April 2022 (Opening 27.04.) the solo exhibition On Deliverance by the artist Martin Stommel. Martin Stommel’s painting is a statement in the restlessness of the world; a path, an attempt to find paradise from the inferno. His light regiments, the visionary compositions full of tension and […]

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Konstantin Bayer | DER WEIMARHALLENPARK | EIGENHEIM Berlin | 25.03.–21.04.2022

until 21.04. | #3387ARTatBerlin | EIGENHEIM Berlin presents from 25. March 2022 the solo exhibition DER WEIMARHALLENPARK – Fragmente zur Geschichte und Gegenwart ( > THE WEIMARHALLENPARK – Fragments on the past and present) by the artist Konstantin Bayer. The Weimarhallenpark – a place of recreation, inspiration, art and culture – as a landscape and […]

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