post-title Katrin Korfmann | 665 km | Berlinartprojects | 09.07.-13.08.2016

Katrin Korfmann | 665 km | Berlinartprojects | 09.07.-13.08.2016

Katrin Korfmann | 665 km | Berlinartprojects | 09.07.-13.08.2016

Katrin Korfmann | 665 km | Berlinartprojects | 09.07.-13.08.2016

until 13.08. | #0610ARTatBerlin | Berlinartprojects presents from the 9th July 2016 the exhibition “665 km” by the artist Katrin Korfmann.

BERLINARTPROJECTS is proud to present the work of Katrin Korfmann in her first solo exhibition at the gallery. Referring to the distance between Korfmann’s studio in Amsterdam and her former hometown Berlin, the title sets the tone for the show – that of travel, of journey. And this on multiple levels, for the artist’s work in itself involves a compression of time and space whilst the pieces on show span approximately 15 years and were produced in two different cities.

Fittingly perhaps, the exhibition starts with Berlin, with analogue images taken with a plate camera of the city’s firewalls and named after the streets they were shot in. Interested in their status as non-spaces, Korfmann makes a study of these so-called “Brandmauern” – structures built for the public good, but invisible to most citizens. Yet this is not a chronological tour through Korfmann’s oeuvre, we instead see a dynamic exchange between works from different years developing, works that were created in two distinct cities. Korfmann’s trademark synthesis of different temporal and spatial dimensions in artistic form, is most pronounced in her ultrachrome prints from the series Count for Nothing. The artist’s photographs frequently take a bird’s eye perspective on busy urban scenes, merging several images taken over a given time span to create bustling, energetic portrayals of contemporary life. Figures are blurred through movement, or stand static reading in the street, birds fly into the frame from different and impossible angles, capturing a sense of simultaneity, of time frozen yet slipping away all too quickly.

An archive of incidental traces and irretrievable memory, Korfmann’s works present a specific length of time – ranging from a few minutes through to an entire day – from multiple perspectives, fixing a vast array of moments through still photography without losing any of their transience and momentum. Her art is indeed more of a journey than a destination, constantly morphing and changing as you contemplate it, condensing disparate spaces and times into succinct statements of artistic intent.

Katrin Korfmann, lives and work in Amsterdam. She has exhibited widely in Europe, the United States, and China, notably completing a residency at Chinese European Art Center, Xiamen, China, in 2014, and showing work at the Foundation Huize Frankendael, Amsterdam, the Haus der Fotografie, Burghausen, the Museum Lazienki Krolewski, Warsaw, the Aperture Foundation, New York, and the Kemper Museum of Contemporay Art, Kansas, amongst others. Korfmann regularly participates in art fairs, including Texas Contemporary, Miami Project, Pulse Miami and Amsterdam Art Fair.

Vernissage: Friday, 08th Juli 2016, from 06:00 Uhr

Exibition period: Saturday, 09th July to Saturday, 13th August 2016

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Image caption: De Dam (Amsterdam), 2016, ultrachrome print, 120 x 173 cm

Exhibition Katrin Korfmann – Berlinartprojects – Kunst in Berlin ART at Berlin


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