post-title Julius Weiland | CLUSTER AND CONTOUR | lorch+seidel contemporary | 11.11.2017-03.02.2018

Julius Weiland | CLUSTER AND CONTOUR | lorch+seidel contemporary | 11.11.2017-03.02.2018

Julius Weiland | CLUSTER AND CONTOUR | lorch+seidel contemporary | 11.11.2017-03.02.2018

Julius Weiland | CLUSTER AND CONTOUR | lorch+seidel contemporary | 11.11.2017-03.02.2018

until 03.02. | #1705ARTatBerlin | lorch+seidel contemporary shows from 11th November 2017 the exhibition CLUSTER AND CONTOUR with plastics and monotypes by the artist Julius Weiland.

Is it a clump of plastic refuse fished out of the sea? Or a heap of mattetched, transparent poison receptacles, their insides coated with soapy-looking, drippy, paint residue? Or an accumulation of weatherbeaten, antique oil bottles? Julius Weiland gathers, stacks, piles up glass ready-mades, heats them in a kiln until they become soft, lose their shapes, are conjoined, fused together. At a precisely chosen moment, he terminates the firing process, allowing the glass to cool slowly until it hardens. As source material, Weiland uses laboratory glass, which he sometimes rinses first with water-soluble colored glass powder, but at times also uses free, mouth-blown shapes as well. A finishing cold processing with the sandblaster endows his sculptures with a shimmering, matt surface, and hence with a mysterious, remote character. Like the glass works, their movement frozen now in time, the figures appearing on this artist’s canvases seem to pause momentarily, wholly absorbed in an emotion or a thought. Julius Weiland divides his compositions into individual sections and translates these into stencils. Using these stencils, paint is now applied – actually printed – onto the canvas in several layers. In this way, the surface texture is perceptibly accentuated rather than being brushed on smoothly. Astonishingly, despite the deliberate abstraction and reductiveness of this approach, Julius Weiland succeeds in capturing a single, unique moment.

JULIUS WEILAND (born in Lübeck/DE in 1971) studied design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg. In 1998, he received a student scholarship for the Pilchuck Glass School in Stanwood/USWA. Julius Weiland lives in Berlin.

RECOGNITIONS | 2017 Artist in Residence, Berlin Glas | 2011 1st Prize, Jutta Cuny-Franz Prize | 2009 Guest Lecturer, IKKG, HöhrGrenzhausen/DE | 2007 Supporting Award, Jutta Cuny-Franz Prize | 2006 Honorable Mention, Coburg Glass Prize | 2004 Gold Prize, Kanazawa International Exhibition of Glass.

PUBLIC COLLECTIONS | Victoria & Albert Museum, London | Würth Collection, Künzelsau/DE | Museum Kunstpalast, GlasMuseum Hentrich, Düsseldorf | Kunstsammlungen der Veste
Coburg/DE | Notojima Glass Art Museum, Notojima/JP | MusVerre, Sars-Poteries/FR | Glass Museum Ebeltoft/DK | Museum Jan van der Togt, Amstelveen/NL | Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg | Ernsting Stiftung, Coesfeld-Lette/DE.

SOLO EXHIBITIONS | 2017 Cluster and Contour, lorch+seidel, Berlin | 2017 Dekor und Deformation, Mies van der Rohe Haus, Berlin | 2012 Flux, Litvak Gallery, Tel Aviv | 2009 Weiss, Galerie B,
Baden-Baden/DE | 2009 Luminous Space, Ernsting Stiftung, CoesfeldLette/ DE | 2009 Lux, Keramikmuseum Westerwald, HöhrGrenzhausen/DE | 2008 High Glide, Museum Kunstpalast, GlasMuseum Hentrich, Düsseldorf | 2008 The Great Curve, Glass Museum Ebeltoft/DK | 2008 Modesty Violette, Cisternerne Museum of Modern Glass Art, Copenhagen.

GROUP EXHIBITIONS | 2017 Une Passion Partagée – La Collection Gigi & Marcel Burg, MusVeree, Sars-Poteries/FR | 2017 EisWasserGlas – Glass Collection Hans Hansen, Gewerbe Museum
Winterthur/CH | 2017 Land Schafft Kunst Biennale VI, Neuwerder/DE | 2014 Trends in Contemporary Glass Art, Himalayas Art Museum, Shanghai | 2014 Coburg Glass Prize, Kunstsammlungen der Veste Coburg/DE | 2013 Translucide, Biennal du Verre – Radial Art Contemporain, Strasbourg | 2012 European Glass Context, Bornholm Art Museum/DK | 2010 iGlass, Levant Art Gallery, Shanghai | 2009 Glass-Trends in Contemporary Glass Sculpture, Litvak Gallery, Tel Aviv | 2007 Contemporary Glass of the Würth Collection, Hirschwirtscheuer, Künzelsau/DE | 2007 International Exhibition of Glass, Kanazawa/JP | 2006 Coburg Glass Prize, Kunstsammlungen der Veste Coburg/DE.

Vernissage: Friday, 10th November 2017, 07:00 to 09:00 p.m.

Exhibition period: Saturday, 11th November to Saturday, 03rd February 2018

Zu lorch + seidel contemporary


Image caption: Julius Weiland via lorch+seidel contemporary
LEFT: Freezer | sculpture | fused glass | 2017 | 33 x 28 x 19 cm | 13 x 11 x 7.5 inches | H x L x W
RIGHT: Angelika | monotype | stencil print on canvas | 2016 | 100 x 70 cm | 39.4 x 27.6 inches | H x W

Exhibition: Julius Weiland – lorch+seidel contemporary  – Contemporary Art Kunst in Berlin | ART at Berlin


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