post-title Jan Ros | AVUS | Rasche Ripken | 04.09.-31.10.2020 – extended until 19.12.2020

Jan Ros | AVUS | Rasche Ripken | 04.09.-31.10.2020 – extended until 19.12.2020

Jan Ros | AVUS | Rasche Ripken | 04.09.-31.10.2020 – extended until 19.12.2020

Jan Ros | AVUS | Rasche Ripken | 04.09.-31.10.2020 – extended until 19.12.2020

extended until 19.12. | #2805ARTatBerlin | RASCHE RIPKEN presents from 4th September 2020 the solo exhibition “AVUS” with new paintings by the Dutch artist Jan Ros.

City, architecture, mobility – these are themes Jan Ros has explored for a long time. Using photographs as source material, he transforms them into multifarious paintings mainly oriented toward space and object, but which also engender abstract passages defined entirely by color. He switches the degree of acuity and path of movement depending on the subject, modeling sculptural volumes out of broad brushstrokes, and working with stencil-like inserts and sharp contours that stand out from their painted surroundings like cut-outs.

Ros’s repertoire includes urban landscapes and famous modernist, International-style buildings, as well as images of cars and airplanes, or of transitory sites like gas stations and transit terminals, which often recollect filmed images, like scenes from a road movie. Furthermore, his paintings of interiors – which feature views of urban panoramas or guide the gaze through a suite of windowless rooms, thus expanding the viewer’s real space through the imagination – also demonstrate that the interaction of inside and outside, light and shade, plays an important role.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy of Rasche Ripken - Jan Ros
Jan Ros: Tower Restaurant (Steglitz) | oil on wood, 122 x 119 cm, 2020

The current exhibition also contains paintings from his new Berlin cycle, which encompasses remarkable pieces of architecture designed by pre- and post-war modernists, including the Steglitz Tower Restaurant, the circulation tank in the Tiergarten, or the motel at the Avus rest stop.

A PDF catalogue is available.

Vernissage: Due to current circumstances, there will be no opening reception.

Exhibition period: Friday, September 4th to Saturday, October 31st 2020 ATTENTION: extended until Saturday, 19th November 2020!

Preview: Eilike Schlenkhoff, from 22nd January 2021




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