post-title Hal Busse | WHAT REMAINS IS WHAT IS FLEETING | DIEHL | 05.11.-17.12.2021

Hal Busse | WHAT REMAINS IS WHAT IS FLEETING | DIEHL | 05.11.-17.12.2021

Hal Busse | WHAT REMAINS IS WHAT IS FLEETING | DIEHL | 05.11.-17.12.2021

Hal Busse | WHAT REMAINS IS WHAT IS FLEETING | DIEHL | 05.11.-17.12.2021

until 17.12. | #3235ARTatBerlin | DIEHL currently presents the exhibition WHAT REMAINS IS WHAT IS FLEETING with works by the artist Hal Busse. The exhibition can be seen both on site and online.

The Russian writer Viktor Šklovskij (1893 – 1984) once remarked: “Art is a means of experiencing the making of a thing.”[1] This is perfectly true of Hal Busse’s art, for her entire oeuvre does not conceal her creative will, and in doing so points to an irresolvable other. She has combined what we call individuality with a perspective that makes her art possible.

Busse uses her subjective perception as an absorption and subsequent transport of impressions. As an artist, she was always on her own and had to find her visual worlds herself. The outside world and the pictorial world remain vividly related to each other and are thus parallel universes that exist according to their own laws without touching each other. With her strongly coloured force fields, she keeps the viewer’s gaze constantly on the move and conveys in her potentially infinite continuum of harmonies, contrasts and references an idea that she understands as a dynamic system of self-perpetuating forces. These works are existential and unavoidable formulations of the unimagined, the hidden, the libidinal self-life of what is captured.

Nevertheless, the artist works continuously on intensifying this field of tension. In her pronounced subjectivism lies the detachment of reality. Her artistic practice, however, is not only self-discovery, but becomes an act of self-assertion. Hal Busse conceives a perspective all her own, which is at once intimate and distanced from her own person. Busse continuously breaks and dissects her continuum. In this way, the artist sketches an approach to her reality. It seems as if her art revolves around an untraceable view.

Her art lives from the tension of these relationships, a curiosity that she translates into a gesture of her own. Busse is not concerned with treating her sources of inspiration as image sameness, as identity in the intellectual sense, or illustration, but with transferring them as streams of life without loss of substance.

Hal Busse’s pictorial worlds are paradoxical in a fascinating way: signs and motifs are recognisable, but what they want to reveal often remains deliberately open. There are traces we follow, references we read, but in the end it is the watchful artistic gaze that makes us think about the reality and possibilities of Kunst Machen. Her works open up new possibilities, for here a great interest in the seemingly familiar becomes visible in the new.

– Nils Emmerichs

[1] Viktor Šklovskij, Kunst als Verfahren , in: J. Striedter (ed.), Texte der Russischen Formalisten, vol. I, Munich 1969, p.15

Vernissage: Friday, 5th November 2021, 12:00 – 7:00 pm.

Exhibition dates: Friday, 5th November until Friday, 17th December 2021

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Image caption: Hal Busse, o.T., ca. 1959, needles, mirror film on wood, 19,5 x 19,5 x 3 cm © Marcus Schneider

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