post-title Erhard Post + Marion Gamerschlag | A WILD BEATING HEART | ART CRU | 03.08-01.09.2018

Erhard Post + Marion Gamerschlag | A WILD BEATING HEART | ART CRU | 03.08-01.09.2018

Erhard Post + Marion Gamerschlag | A WILD BEATING HEART | ART CRU | 03.08-01.09.2018

Erhard Post + Marion Gamerschlag | A WILD BEATING HEART | ART CRU | 03.08-01.09.2018

until 01.09. | #2110ARTatBerlin | Gallery ART CRU Berlin shows from 3rd August 2018 the exhibition A WILD BEATING HEART with works by Erhard Post and Marion Gamerschlag.

ART at Berlin – Courtesy of ART CRU – Erhard PostErhard Post, Rotes Tier, 2018, Ölkreide auf Papier, 50 x 70

Erhard Post’s powerful drawings enable the viewer to engage with the artist’s world of life and thought. Human figures, animal representations, other creatures and self-portraits tell of things experienced and thought. His figures worked in bright oil pastels, he sets high-contrast and flat on the, often colored, paper. He composes them with eloquent color choice. The result is strong figures with colored faces, defensive character heads, life-affirming. They populate as impressive (human) beings his pictures and look head-on to the viewer. In portraits or in dynamically composed smaller group formations of 3-5 figures, Erhard Post’s pictures tell how he perceives himself and the world. Born in 1955, the artist has been working since 2013 in the Art Workshop of the Day Center of the Albert Schweitzer Foundation – Living & Caring.

ART at Berlin – Courtesy of ART CRU – Marion GamerschlagMarion Gamerschlag, Abstrakte Komposition (gelb, rot, violett), 2018,
Ölkreide auf Papier, gewischt, gekratzt, 100×70

Marion Gamerschlag’s art is an experience of tangible plasticity: you can feel your movement impulses in the layers of color pigments. The process of creating the pictures is characterized by the artist’s very physical way of working and gives the works an idiosyncratic energy. The paint is applied with fingers, hands, palms and arms. She rubs, presses, wipes – often lying on the sheet of paint – and in the end it seems as if she danced over the picture. Sometimes the dancer scratches and tears the surface with her nails or with pointed objects: tender, dull – and depending on her inner state of mind – sometimes impetuous, wild, incessantly in seemingly endless circles, almost until the destruction of the color body. The result is polychrome, powdery structured, multiply painted surfaces that fascinate the viewer. The artist, born 1966, works since 2012 in the art workshop.

Gallery ART CRU Since 2008, Berlin has been Berlin’s only gallery for so-called Outsider Art. This term (introduced in 1972 by Roger Cardinal as a synonym of the term “Art Brut” coined by the painter Jean Dubuffet in 1945) designates the art of people with psychiatric experience or intellectual disabilities. We are convinced that the special perception of these artists is represented in unique works of art of high authenticity. With our exhibitions we present works by “outsiders” as an important part of contemporary art and thus want to stimulate an active discourse with the established art business. Located in the Kunsthof on Oranienburger Straße, the gallery brings works by people with a special experience right into the heart of Berlin’s art scene. The non-profit gallery ART CRU Berlin is sponsored by PS-Art e.V. Berlin, a network of various psychosocial institutions. Initiator of the project, director of the gallery and chairwoman of the association is Alexandra von Gersdorff-Bultmann. On the occasion of the gallery’s fifth anniversary, a chronicle has been published containing the exhibition catalogs from 2008-13. In 2014, the gallery was first able to attend the Outsider Art Fair in Paris, Europe’s most important fair for “outsider art”. In the same year, five artists from the PSArt e.V. Berlin network were nominated for the Euward International Art Prize.

Vernissage: Donnerstag, 2nd August 2018, from 7 pm – Opening Speech: Jörg Schwarzer, Managing Director of Albert Schweitzer Foundation – Wohnen & Betreuen

Exhibition period: Friday, 3rd August – Saturday, 1st September 2018

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Image caption: Erhard Post, Rotes Tier, 2018, Ölkreide auf Papier, 50×70

Exhibition Erhard Post + Marion Gamerschlag – A WILD BEATING HEART – Gallery ART CRU | Contemporary Art – Zeitgenössische Kunst in Berlin – ART at Berlin


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