post-title Enrico Freitag | Flora et LabOra | Galerie Eigenheim | 09.02.–10.03.2018

Enrico Freitag | Flora et LabOra | Galerie Eigenheim | 09.02.–10.03.2018

Enrico Freitag | Flora et LabOra | Galerie Eigenheim | 09.02.–10.03.2018

Enrico Freitag | Flora et LabOra | Galerie Eigenheim | 09.02.–10.03.2018

until 10.03. | #1853ARTatBerlin | Galerie Eigenheim shows from 9th February 2018 the solo exhibition “Flora et LabOra” by the artist Enrico Freitag.

Even the title of the solo exhibition “The Blossom and the Work” at Eigenheim Berlin miraculously mirrors Enrico Freitag’s current content and formal terrain. His oil paintings show seamstresses who are almost drowning between the bales of patterned fabrics, precisely set rows of working people to the horizon in seemingly limitless factory halls or almost abstracted stripes of an industrialized field economy. In his subject, the artist combines the phenomena of globalized mass production with the domesticated agricultural areas of man.

Enrico Freitag succeeds in capturing these states in an impressive way on the canvas and making them almost haptically tangible. His elaborate, powerful style literally digs through the painterly space, opening up new structures in the process and condensing his original image sources into the iconographic settings of the states that haunt the painter.
The source of his image sources feeds mainly on the photographs of industrial catalogs. Assembled in elaborate preparatory work for new collages, these precompositions then serve as the basis for the large-scale execution in oil. The favored color palette is dominated by broken shades. Rarely appears a bright, “pure” color, much is deposited in pastel or grounded with the addition of brown and gray tones. So even the colors in Friday’s pictures seem to be in “use”, so in the middle of life, to be in the middle of the work, where “one also makes oneself dirty”.

The physical and sensual presence of the situations shown spreads so formally in the gallery space and can spread to the viewer. In sum, Enrico’s Friday oeuvre draws a large line of equality between what he shows and the way he shows it. Thus, his pictures show us in an authentic way that organic flowering and human work are today mutually dependent on each other almost without exception. Because the formerly free impulses of the new emergence, which contain also the creativity of artists, are more and more subject to the monetary benefit of a world-wide operating economic system.

We cordially invite you to the exhibition Flora et LabOra – Enrico Freitag in Solo, between 09.02. and 10.03.2018 at Galerie Eigenheim Berlin. We are looking forward to your visit.

Vernissage: Friday, 09th February 2018, 07:00 p.m.

Exhibition period: Friday, 09th February 2018 to Saturday 10th March 2018

Zur Galerie Eigenheim


Image caption: Courtesy Galerie Eigenheim – Enrico Freitag

Exhibition Enrico Freitag – Flora et LaBora – Galerie Eigenheim | Contemporary Art – Kunst in Berlin – ART at Berlin


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