post-title Deutschland … | The 3rd Edition | EIGENHEIM Berlin | 26.10.-21.12.2018

Deutschland … | The 3rd Edition | EIGENHEIM Berlin | 26.10.-21.12.2018

Deutschland … | The 3rd Edition | EIGENHEIM Berlin | 26.10.-21.12.2018

Deutschland … | The 3rd Edition | EIGENHEIM Berlin | 26.10.-21.12.2018

until 21.12. | #2264ARTatBerlin | Galerie Eigenheim presents from 26th October 2018 the group exhibition Deutschland … The 3rd Edition .

After two successful editions with the themes 10 Jahre Galerie Eigenheim  – 10 years of Galerie Eigenheim (2016) and Handlungsanweisungen in der Kunst – Instructions in Art (2017) Eigenheim Weimar / Berlin dedicates its edition in 2018 to the topic of Deutschland… – Germany…

Gallery Visit of the exhibition by ART@Berlin in the form of a 360° 3D Panorama Tour:



The 3rd Edition of 12 exempts

In doing so, Eigenheim Weimar / Berlin selects a versatile and controversial issue as the core of the third gallery edition this time. A wide playground of diverse contents is opened up, whereas a political focus seems to be unmistakeable. But furthermore is everybody also afflicted by very individual images and emotions as soon this catchword is mentioned, including the participating artists. To illustrate this vague relation to the term Germany… , to open up a free flow of thoughts and give an impulse for a deep creative process the catchword has been symbolically supplemented with three dots at the end. For sure, to express quickly an opinion about this issue is very easily done, because the title provokes prejudices and hasty reactions. Some might think, that we are just using this populist, deeply rooted basic tone in society nowadays to gain popularity for the edition. For others the theme may appear too simple or half-backed.  And there might be also the ones, who see it as a fascinating playground for individual und contemporary, artistic contention with this provocative subject. We have to admit, that we see in each one of those reactions enough reason to go ahead and explore this common weak spot. And as a space for art and communication we have also many-sided motivations for this edition theme. For what constitutes Germany? Is it Schiller, Lessing or Humboldt, Volkswagen, Siemens, or is it Heckler and Koch, Weimar Republic or the fall of the German wall? The election slogans are still in our ears, the World-Cup has just ended and weather heat records are dominating the news this year.

Galerie Eigenheim mit den Editionen auf der Kunstmesse POSITIONS Berlin 2018

Significant for the contention with Germany is the engagement with the history of the nation. Today we have to discuss if the new strength of nationalist tendencies and right populism treats the democratic achievements. Furthermore the proclamation of the Grundgesetz ( basic constitution) will be 70 years ago in 2019. And also the recent history between the both German States, especially regarding the fall of the Berlin Wall, plays an important role in the biography of many participating artists. According to this, it is not a big miracle, that some artists in the folder work on historical contexts. Philip Topolovac for instance shows a bottle, melted into a unique form by the fires of the Second World War in Berlin or Das Zentrum für Politische Schönheit (The Center for Political Beauty)  is part with a poster of the protest campaign Scholl 2017. Johannes Albers adds sheets of stamps depicting Gustav Heinemann, the first home secretary under Konrad Adenauer in 1949 and the artist Gabriele Stötzer presents an etching of the portrait of her original Stasi-Akte (her personal dossier of the domestic intelligence agency of the former German Democratic Republic).

Looking further the gallery Eigenheim is rooted in Weimar- a town which will be permeated by a jubilee of international reputation next year: 100 years of Bauhaus! So we are deeply interested to analyse the actual condition in the year before the anniversary. We know which social conditions have led to the funding of Bauhaus in 1919. But now we are facing the question, which actual social impulses have to be taken and in which manner to be developed with the aim to form a future that is as innovative as the historic Bauhaus?

Exhibition Invitation Deutschland … (Front)

Therefore many actual references to actual tendencies in Germany become visible within the artistic praxes in the 3rd Edition of Eigenheim. Enricos Freitags contribution for instance is the motif of a burning field or Marc Bijl developed a gaudy, almost psychedelic appearing colour gradient, which he developed from the image of a demonstration of the AFD-party (Alternative for Germany). If the Germans have humor is scrutinized in a rather cynically way. An example is Claus Bach, who presents a series of blanking auto-portraits, that refers to the absurdity of image-trends in mass media or Mischa Leinkauf, who reveals the lurking absurd within the German need for order and security by compiling a collection of information- and warning texts in German buildings.

Moreover many international artist, who live in Germany are represented in the edition.

May it be Kathryn Gohmert from Texas, Akinbode Akinbiyi with a British-Nigerian background, Gokçen Dilek Acay from Turkey or the native-born Israeli Naomi Tereza Salmon. All of these artists broach the issue of the German Image from the exterior perspective. Naomie Tereza Salmon as an example picks a photography of a ceiling lamp from the old Weimarhalle, whose graphical décor shows a swastika at second glance. Somebody tried to disguised the symbol by adding more elements during the GDR – a miserable attempt of active covering up history but also a luminous referral to the historic relation between Germany and Israel. Kathryn Gohmert for instance made a lot of experiences with residence permissions and visa offices during the last years. Therefore she developed a board game for the edition, that enables joint experiences about the imponderables of these immigration procedures, so to say about the problems to be welcomed on board.

All of these individual stories make the edition unique and open up a lot of unexpected perspectives on Germany. Made possible by the participation of 28 artists, we are very happy and to release the 3rd Edition again in a run of 12 exempts in format A3 and conceived in a expensive designed box, bound in linen. Whether you have high-quality graphic reproductions by artists like Ulrike Theusner, Enrico Freitag or Heike Stephan, partly multiple photographic works by Akinbode Akinbiyi, Nina Röder, Christian Werner and Claus Bach, painted works with a unique character by Marc Jung, Anna Bittersohl and Adam Noack or more conceptual works from the sectors of theater, sound- and video art by Zentrum für Politische Schönheit, Gokçen Dilek Acay, Timo Herbst and Marcus Nebe; everything is part of this comprehensive compilation that bundles diverse art forms, memories and social trends to a multi-layered and compact entire block. The Edition Deutschland… will be on display at two times this year: at Eigenheim Weimar and also at Eigenheim Berlin. Thereby, additional pieces like video installations, large size paintings and excepts of broader photo – series made by represented artist of the edition will complement the exhibition and deepen the analysis of this common, multi-facetted range of topics.

Participating artists:

Gökçen Dilek Acay / Akinbode Akinbiyi / Johannes Albers / Claus Bach / Konstantin Bayer / Marc Bijl / Anna Bittersohl / Benedikt Braun / Frederik Foert / Enrico Freitag / Kathryn Gohmert / Rayk Goetze / Marc Jung / Mischa Leinkauf / Berit Mücke / Timo Herbst und Marcus Nebe / Adam Noack / Nina Röder / Naomi Tereza Salmon / Anna Schimkat / Heike Stephan / Zentrum für Politische Schönheit / Julia Scorna / Gabriele Stötzer / Ulrike Theusner / Philip Topolovac / Christian Werner / Reinhard Zabka

Vernissage: Friday, 26th October 2018, 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Exhibition period: Friday, 26th October to Friday, 21st December 2018

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