post-title Daniela Finke | A Present from the Past | nüü | 10.11.- 22.12.2023

Daniela Finke | A Present from the Past | nüü | 10.11.- 22.12.2023

Daniela Finke | A Present from the Past | nüü | 10.11.- 22.12.2023

Daniela Finke | A Present from the Past | nüü | 10.11.- 22.12.2023

until 22.12. | #4082ARTatBerlin | nüü Galerie shows from 10. November 2023 (Opening: 09.11.) the exhibition “A Present from the Past” by the artist Daniela Finke.

The exhibition focuses on her latest series of works, “A Present from the Past”, in which the artist explores the memorable appearance of horseshoe crabs (Limulidae), an endangered species whose age is estimated at over 400 million years and whose bluish blood is of great medical use to mankind.

ART at Berlin - nüü - © Daniela Finke 1
Daniela Finke, Dance No.1, 2018_2 … Print, AluDibond, 19 x 19 cm

In her works, Daniela Finke explores the invisible relationships of the visible world. In bright colours, she marks bodies, architectures, everyday things or natural phenomena, putting them out of focus. In this way, her pictures bring elementary forms and relationships to light and turn the inside of perception inside out. Like magical illuminations of the unconscious, abstract and concrete at the same time, her series play through the temporary patterns of perception and reveal their fragile, rationally hardly graspable shape.

ART at Berlin - nüü - © Daniela Finke 2Daniela Finke, Carmen Electra, 2007, Pigment Print …, 90 x 120 cm, Serie Life Saver`s Cabin

The exhibition focuses on the latest series of works “A Present from the Past”, in which the artist deals with the ancient species of horseshoe crabs (Limulidae). In the differently edited and staged photographs, the contour of the animal appears again and again as a stereotypical sign: as a constellation or a scarab-like gem, as a shadow in the ocean blue of cyanotypes, which refers to the colouring of the coveted bluish blood of the horseshoe crabs.

ART at Berlin - nüü - © Daniela Finke 3 ©Daniela Finke, While my Guitar gently weeps, 2020_23, Pigment Print, hinter Glas, 30 x 30 cm

A Present from the Past – not only the endangered species of Limulidae, but also other pictorial motifs in this work show seem to be a gift from the past: white-blue glacier fronts from Patagonia, discarded everyday things from the series “Discarded” or canonical buildings of modern architecture. By reducing the forms, Daniela Finke makes structures of the living visible and releases a dancing present.

ART at Berlin - nüü - © Daniela Finke 5 ©Daniela Finke, Brooklyn Gas Station, 2010, Pigment Print, Acryl matt, 90 x 135 cm

Daniela Finke, born 1958 in Hanover, lives and works in Berlin, is a visual artist working in the field of digital photography. Playing with reality and illusion, compositional boldness and brilliant colouring have become her trademark. Always travelling and with anthropological curiosity, she captures people in action, very specific social scenarios or focuses her perception on architectural structures. The artist has received numerous grants and awards, including the European Architectural Photography Award. Her works are represented in collections and institutions and have been exhibited nationally and internationally, for example at the Bundeskunsthalle Bonn, at Art Karlsruhe and at the Scope Art Fair in New York, London and Miami.

Opening: Thursday, 09 November 2023 from 6 pm

Exhibition dates: Friday, 10 November until Friday, 22 December 2023

Finissage: Friday, 22 December 2023 from 4 pm with artist talk

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Image caption: Daniela Finke, Limulus No. 10, 2019/23, Pigment Print auf Aludibond, 30 x 20 cm

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