post-title Daniel Lergon | Lichtung | PSM Gallery | 12.02.–12.03.2022

Daniel Lergon | Lichtung | PSM Gallery | 12.02.–12.03.2022

Daniel Lergon | Lichtung | PSM Gallery | 12.02.–12.03.2022

Daniel Lergon | Lichtung | PSM Gallery | 12.02.–12.03.2022

bis 12.03. | #3328ARTatBerlin | PSM Gallery presents from 12th February 2022 the exhibition Lichtung by Daniel Lergon.

A deep interest in natural scientific phenomena forms the source of Daniel Lergon’s practice, which he translates into the visual vocabulary of abstract painting. By working off conceptual tasks around light, ductus and movement in painting or technical questions around pigments, tools or surfaces, Daniel Lergon unlocks a visual potential in the correlative interplay between light and surface, and the optical effects and perceptions that result from this.

Daniel Lergon’s current series of works is executed by the use of varying soil pigments applied as a base coat on canvas for monochrome, structural gestures over a white minimal shape. Each soil pigment (e.g. such as green earth or slate, originating from different geographic regions) results in a unique color scheme, which, when used as a base coat, blent with the top layer of paint to create new shades and nuances of color. The soil pigments form a clear contrast to Lergon’s previous use of a ‚charged‘ base coat, e.g. when he was using a glowing neon yellow color or retro-reflective fabrics as paint surface. While the ‘charged’ backgrounds would enhance the painting on its top, the grey, green and brown tonalities of the soil pigments mute and absorb it. On top of the soil backdrop, Lergon places a form in white that shines through the top layer. Thus the underlying strata is charged with an abstract imagery over which a final coat of transparent paint is laid like a film or a membrane.

Vernissage: Saturday, 12th February 2022, 12:00 – 9:00 pm.

Exhibition dates: Saturday, 12th February – Saturday, 12th March 2022 

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Image caption: Daniel Lergon, Untitled, 2021, soil and oil on canvas, 50 x 60 cm, Photo: Matthias Kolb

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