post-title Daniel Biskup | Luxus für alle | Photographs | Galerie Z22 | 28.09.-02.11.2019

Daniel Biskup | Luxus für alle | Photographs | Galerie Z22 | 28.09.-02.11.2019

Daniel Biskup | Luxus für alle | Photographs | Galerie Z22 | 28.09.-02.11.2019

Daniel Biskup | Luxus für alle | Photographs | Galerie Z22 | 28.09.-02.11.2019

until 21.09. | #2593ARTatBerlin | Galerie Z22 presents from 28th September 2019 the exhibition LUXUS FÜR ALLE with works by the photographer Daniel Biskup.

DANIEL BISKUP is regarded as “the eye of the revolution in Eastern Europe” (Der Spiegel) – he is the photographer of the process of reunification in Germany. He also photographed the upheaval in the Soviet Union.

Biskup succeeded with his camera to be there again and again, where history happened. He visualizes system breaks and shows the people behind political and social processes. Helmut Kohl, the supermarket saleswoman or Trump – Biskup presents actors of current events without a hierarchy.

Biskup photographs both spontaneously and on commission.

“Random encounters” lead to surprising shots. How did he get Karl Lagerfeld to pose in the Berlin subway? And then the great tableau of political ceremony: Angela Merkel on the stairs to the White House. How she turns herself over on the red carpet of her man who got out of the limousine in evening dress: a mild, almost seductive smile in the evening light. Mr. and Ms. Obama also await the couple with a smile. In the background, the setting is tightly set up with the usual press photographers, security personnel and men in uniform.

From a moment of political protocol, the photographer stages an arrangement of the highest subtlety. In the highest office Angela Merkel reveals grace and seduction. The viewer lingers in the fragile, the coquette, the girlish imprisonment of the chancellor.

Even the young Merkel got Biskup in front of the lens. As if by chance in a crowd of people next to Weiszäcker and the aspiring conductor Barenboim. Their name tags hang crooked on their lapels.

One encounters all political alpha animals in Biskup’s work, Helmut Kohl, Trump, Putin. You look closely: Does he like them? What can be deduced from these portraits of men who write history?
and many of whom don’t want them to do this?

Biskup does not take a position. He documents history. He reveals fragility. He presents power. He shows humanity.

30 years of the fall of the Berlin Wall as an event and retrospect mean an infinite number of human stories and political processes.

LUXURY FOR ALL is emblazoned on a decaying house wall in an industrial wasteland.

Postman was the young Biskup, that did not satisfy him, the beautiful, exciting lured him. He made up for his high school diploma and took to the streets with his camera. Bonn, his hometown, was at that time a province and, for historical reasons, the capital, thus a window to the world. Political resistance took place in squatted houses and peace demonstrations. There Biskup began to photograph and from there he followed the political revolution: Perestroika, Glasnost, Fall of the Wall – LUXUS FÜR ALLE.

Central figures of the last 30 years write the foreword to Biskup’s illustrated photo books, including Gerhard Schröder and Kai Diekmann.

The Historisches Museum Berlin will open the exhibition “Über Leben” in 2011 with Daniel Biskup and Thomas Hoepker, the opening speech will be given by Angela Merkel.

The illustrated book ANGELA MERKEL was published by Salz und Silber Verlag on 22 August 2019 to mark the 65th birthday of the artist.

Galerie Z 22 will present a selection of portraits from 28 September, showing both prominent and numerous “ordinary” people who stand for our society, its progress and its change.

Vernissage: Saturday, 28 September 2019, 7:00 pm

Ausstellungsdaten: Saturday, 28 September – Saturday, 2nd November 2019

Zur Galerie Z22


Image caption: Courtesy Galerie Z22 / Daniel Biskup

Exhibition Daniel Biskup – Galerie Z22 | Contemporary Art – Zeitgenössische Kunst – Exhibitions Berlin Galleries – ART at Berlin


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