post-title Claude Horstmann | a r e a | Laura Mars Gallery | 08.10.-05.11.2016

Claude Horstmann | a r e a | Laura Mars Gallery | 08.10.-05.11.2016

Claude Horstmann | a r e a | Laura Mars Gallery | 08.10.-05.11.2016

Claude Horstmann | a r e a | Laura Mars Gallery | 08.10.-05.11.2016

until 05.11. | #0814ARTatBerlin | Laura Mars Gallery presents from 8th October 2016 the exhibition a r e a by the artist Claude Horstmann.

a r e a is Claude Horstmann’s third solo exhibition at the Laura Mars Gallery in parallel with the European Month of Photography Berlin.

The exhibition title’s allusion to the question of region and terrain is both an approach and a statement on a theme that affects us all.

Photography’s status occupies a special position in the artist’s work; she is concerned with open zones and empty spaces in the field of urban space (especially Marseilles in this case) and with features of ‘marked’ space. Along with autonomous photographic works, she also produces drawings from a range of photographic sources and makes these autonomous in terms of their main spatial effects, and a particular tension arises between the various different works in the process. When an evocation of location and language is intended, personal, imaginary, historic, and current charges involuntarily resonate – and pose questions about motivation, signification, and continuation.

It is precisely the drawn, the being-drawn of space and time, which manifests itself both in the photographic images and in abstracting drawing, or in installation works. Hereby a particular tension between individual works comes to bear. The marked space in the photographs is the extended field in which architecture and an-architecture are contingent on one another – one that shifts in the exhibition to material, autonomously graphic, and textual suppositions. The way in which this is transposed upon the gallery space in itself creates a real terrain of expression and marking.

Vernissage: Friday, 7th October 2016, 19 Uhr

Exhibition period: Saturday, 8th October – Saturday, 5th November 2016

Zur Laura Mars Gallery


Image caption: Claude Horstmann, untitled (espace dessin), 2016, photograph. Copyright by the artist. Courtesy Laura Mars Gallery

Exhibition Claude Horstmann – Laura Mars Gallery – Kunst in Berlin ART at Berlin


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