post-title Christian Tagliavini | CIRCESQUE | CAMERA WORK | 05.12.2020-20.02.2021

Christian Tagliavini | CIRCESQUE | CAMERA WORK | 05.12.2020-20.02.2021

Christian Tagliavini | CIRCESQUE | CAMERA WORK | 05.12.2020-20.02.2021

Christian Tagliavini | CIRCESQUE | CAMERA WORK | 05.12.2020-20.02.2021

until 20.02. | #2930ARTatBerlin | CAMERA WORK presents from 5th December 2020 the exhibition “CIRCESQUE” with new photographs by the photo artist Christian Tagliavini.

As a world premiere, the exhibition shows Christian Tagliavini’s latest art series, on which he worked for over three years. The cycle “Circesque”, which comprises more than 20 portraits, is the artist’s most elaborate series to date. The exhibition will also feature original objects and clothes, making the show a unique visual experience.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy of CAMERA WORK - Christian Tagliavini_Circesque-09
Christian Tagliavini, Colpo di rullante, 2019, CW113172

Christian Tagliavini was inspired for the series “Circesque” by the famous Circus Sideshows in the USA in the 1920s. As part of American entertainment culture, special characters – often called “human freaks” – showed their special skills and unique personality in sideshows. For his own narrative “Circesque” Christian Tagliavini created fictional characters in several years of work, who are protagonists of his interpretation of a fantastic sideshow.

The more than 20 sublime and mysterious portraits show charming characters beyond imagination from Tagliavini’s world of thought and fantasy. Each person in his photo-artistic cabinet – from the tightrope walker to the tamer to the burlesque dancer – is introduced with a scenic presentation as well as classical portraits. Following Tagliavini’s self-conception as a “photographic craftsman”, all pictorial components are self-designed, designed and produced. This ranges from the backgrounds and self-developed objects to appliqués and hats to the elaborate robes and dresses, whose opulence and originality harmonise with the pictorial worlds.

ART at Berlin - Courtesy of CAMERA WORK - Christian Tagliavini_Circesque-10
Christian Tagliavini, L’escapista (Portrait), 2019, CW117097

With “Circesque” Christian Tagliavini, who enjoys an exceptional position in the international art world, exceeds the expectations of his new series. In contrast to the famous series “1503” and “1406”, whose pictorial language and composition were each inspired by the Renaissance, “Circesque” is in many respects more complex and elaborate. Tagliavini processes his stylistic features and condenses the total work of art with his style, which has been influenced by the past years. Thanks to the intensive and free creative process, in the “Circesque” series Tagliavini’s characteristic pictorial language and his abilities are completely liberated.
ART at Berlin - Courtesy of CAMERA WORK - Christian Tagliavini_Circesque-13

Christian Tagliavini, L’equilibrista, 2019, CW128064

Christian Tagliavini (*1971 in Switzerland) grew up in Italy. His artistic career as a graphic designer shaped his complex understanding of photographic art, inventing, creating and producing his own works. His works are not only “pictures”, but designed narratives for which he himself designs and produces all visible content in a lavish and detailed manner: from the interior and backgrounds of the picture space to the elaborate robes and dresses of the portrayed persons and all objects, accessories and ornaments.
With this unique selling point in photographic art, he sees himself as a “photographic craftsman”, whose work is highly exclusive. His series “1503” (2010), “Carte” (2012), “Voyages Extraordinaires” (2015) and “1406” (2017), which are highly regarded on the photographic art market, are part of numerous international exhibitions and are in renowned art collections. In spring 2018, the Museum Fotografiska in Stockholm devoted a major retrospective to him. In March 2018, the photo book “Christian Tagliavini” was published by teNeues Verlag and awarded the German Photo Book Prize. Christian Tagliavini lives and works in Switzerland.

Exhibition dates: Saturday, 5 December 2020 – Saturday, 20 February 2020

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