post-title Burkhard Kern | Uralte Zauber | White Square Gallery | 17.02.-14.04.2018

Burkhard Kern | Uralte Zauber | White Square Gallery | 17.02.-14.04.2018

Burkhard Kern | Uralte Zauber | White Square Gallery | 17.02.-14.04.2018

Burkhard Kern | Uralte Zauber | White Square Gallery | 17.02.-14.04.2018

until 14.04. | #1863ARTatBerlin | White Square Gallery shows from 17th February 2018 the exhibition “Uralte Zauber” (Ancient Magic) by the artist Burkhard Kern.

The White Square Gallery announces its collaboration with the artist Burkhard Kern from Hanover with the solo exhibition “Ancient Magic”.

Burkard Kern was born in 1963 in Birkenfeld (Lower Saxony). After graduation in 1984, he studied art education at the University of Hildesheim (diploma in 1990). Parallel to this study, he began in 1985 to study painting, supported by professors Tuma and Bayer, at the University of Applied Sciences in Hanover. In 1995 he got his diploma and started to work as a freelance artist in Hannover.

Since the late nineties, his work has been received with great interest and professional recognition and quickly found its way into the public, into many galleries and other exhibition venues. In the last ten years, Burkhard Kern has received various photo assignments in northern Germany and has recorded numerous houses with his works.

Burkhard Kern presents his landscapes in the White Square Gallery. He shows a series of medium- and large-format oil paintings that have been made in Hanover in recent years. The colorful, radiant images are painted in a lifelike manner that makes you think of photography and photorealism.

However, it is not a particular style or elaborate theory that the artist deals with, but painting itself. On his canvases, he creates nature in all sorts of variations, much as it exists in our memory or in our dreams. Memory and imagination are united in the works and are simultaneously addressed by the viewer. The artist even appeals to that. In the pictures are sometimes large, wide fields, sometimes forest clearings, sometimes meadow cutouts or thicket fragments to see. At first glance, these landscape pieces are photographically accurately depicted. But it is the second look that makes more discoverable than a lifelike reproduction: a giant daisy, a black sky on a clear day, blurred picture borders, poisonous green branches …

The wealth of details, while delaying the realization that something is wrong, can not hide the small or large deviations from the reality that the artist installs here and there. He likes to play with colors, dimensions and perspectives. It is his way of challenging the viewer, of participating in it, of helping to shape it. It is precisely for this purpose that he uses the titles of his works: Descriptive or factual, emotional, romantic or witty, they always describe only one of the many possible interpretations and thus stimulate the imagination of the beholder. By doing so, he avoids that his pictures become mere illustrations of a current mood. Every landscape consists of many individuals who are for the most part dependent on the creative power of the recipient. And these landscapes are the theme of this exhibition.

Vernissage: Friday, 16th February, 07:00 to 09:00 p.m.

Exhibition period: Saturday, 17th Februar to Saturday, 14th April 2018

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Image caption: Burkhard Kern, 13-2016, Dickicht, 180 cm x 160 cm

Exhibition Burkhard Kern – Uralte Zauber- White Square Gallery | Contemporary Art – Kunst in Berlin – ART at Berlin


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