post-title Black | Group Exhibition | Galerie Michael Haas | 16.09.-04.11.2023

Black | Group Exhibition | Galerie Michael Haas | 16.09.-04.11.2023

Black | Group Exhibition | Galerie Michael Haas | 16.09.-04.11.2023

Black | Group Exhibition | Galerie Michael Haas | 16.09.-04.11.2023

until 04.11. | #3995ARTatBerlin | Galerie Michael Haas presents from 16. September 2023 (Opening: 15.09.) the group exhibition Black by the artists Josef Albers, Jordi Alcaraz, Horst Antes, Abraham David Christian, Dahn / Dokoupil, Jean Fautrier, Barry Flanagan, Frank Gerritz, Franz Graf, Beate Günther, John Isaacs, Per Kirkeby, Fritz Klemm, Gary Kuehn, Jakob Mattner, Charles Matton, Kate MccGwire, Rune Mields, Louise Nevelson, Diogo Pimentão, Arnulf Rainer, Emil Schumacher, Hans Uhlmann, Günther Umberg and René Wirths.

Galerie Michael Haas presents around 30 works of classical modern art, art after 1945 and contemporary art. The connecting element seems simple at first glance, but the works on display prove the complexity in the artists’ approach to the common theme: the colour black.

From Arnulf Rainer and Per Kirkeby to Louise Nevelson, Beate Günther and Frank Gerritz – many artists used and still use the effect and charisma of the colour black in their works. But what is black actually? Is it a colour or rather a non-colour due to the absence of colourfulness? Black, the darkest of all colours, is called an “achromatic colour” just like white and grey. Physically, black describes the absence of visible light or the absorption of all light frequencies.

Art at Berlin - courtesy Galerie Michael Haas - Ausstellungsansicht
courtesy Galerie Michael Haas

In women’s fashion, the “little black dress” has been regarded as an elegant classic since the 1920s; in film and literature, the addition of “noir” (French for black) promises protagonists alienated from civil society and badly marked by life; in certain musical genres, black clothing and decoration are combined with un-Christian symbols to express a certain attitude to life. What about the use of the colour black in the visual arts? It is important to note here that black is not always the same as black; it can also be produced by a mixture of blue, red or violet pigments, for example. Is the artist’s intention to direct the attention – literally the viewer’s perspective – precisely not to the colourfulness, but to other aspects that make up a work: Shape, size, structure and texture of the surface? The comprehensive group exhibition Black offers an insight into the use of the colour black in the visual arts.

Opening: Friday, 15. September 2023, from 6 to 8 pm

Ausstellungsdaten: Saturday, 16. September to Saturday, 4. November 2023

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Image caption: Exhibition Black

Exhibition Black – Galerie Michael Haas | Zeitgenössische Kunst in Berlin | Contemporary Art | Exhibitions Berlin Galleries | ART at Berlin

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