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until 04.02. | #0993ARTatBerlin | Open Walls Gallery shows from the 10th January 2017 a series of four changing exhibitions with several artists.

London based firm RedD Public Relations is making its debut appearance in Berlin. VENTURES will be featuring works by Chris Levine, Anna Radchenko, Mira Nameth, Karolin Schwab, Christina Fytili, Sebastian Mögelin, Mark Bern and MARCK in a series of four weekly rotating exhibitions at the OPEN WALLS Gallery in January 2017. Every week we welcome you to the Vernissage of a newly curated exhibition showcasing works of three artists, all in different stages of their careers.

Within the collections of Berlin VENTURES you will find works of illustration, painting, video art, sculpture, pixel art, art photography, fashion photography, and installations. By changing the show on a weekly basis we can show a larger selection by each artist. This allows us to change the rules we have become accustomed to in terms of group shows.

The VENTURES series of exhibitions have come to fruition over the last few years in response to the constant evolution and demand of the art industry. Raising the question of ‘how do artists make it in the art world today?’. By combining works by artists varying both in levels of experience and mediums we allow the viewer the opportunity to be surprised by this collectives diversity and brilliance whist simultaneously appealing to a variety of new art connoisseurs.

Berlin is recognised as one of the most significant stations in the art market with its consistent rise of creative dynamism emerging from, but not limited to the contemporary arts. With Berlin being synonymous with innovation, it is the ideal setting for the first stop in this series of international exhibitions.

Exhibition period: Tuesday, 10th January to Saturday, 4th February 2017

Week One: Mira Nameth & Karolin Schwab, 10th January 2017 – 16th January 2017.
Private View: 7-10pm, 12th January 2017

Week Two : Anna Radchenko & Chris Levine, 17th January 2017 – 23rd January 2017.
Private View: 7-10pm, 19th January 2017

Week Three : Christina Fytili & Mark Bern, 24th January 2017 – 30th January 2017.
Private View: 7 -10pm, 26th January 2017

Week Four : Group show including works by MARCK & Sebastian Mögelin, 31st January 2017 – 04th February 2017.
Private View: 7-10pm, 2nd February 2017

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Image caption: Chris Levine – Kate Moss (She’s Light)

Exhibition  Berlin VENTURES – OPEN WALLS GALLERY – Kunst in Berlin ART at Berlin

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