post-title Berlin On My Mind: Celebrating 10 Years of Artistic Residency | Group exhibition | 68projects | 21.06.-24.08.2024

Berlin On My Mind: Celebrating 10 Years of Artistic Residency | Group exhibition | 68projects | 21.06.-24.08.2024

Berlin On My Mind: Celebrating 10 Years of Artistic Residency | Group exhibition | 68projects | 21.06.-24.08.2024

Berlin On My Mind: Celebrating 10 Years of Artistic Residency | Group exhibition | 68projects | 21.06.-24.08.2024

until 24.08. | #4299ARTatBerlin | 68 projects shows from 21. June 2024 the exhibition Berlin On My Mind: Celebrating 10 Years of Artistic Residency with works by 21 artists.

On June 21st, 68projects will show 21 works by the 21 artists who have been guests at 68projects by KORNFELD as artists-in-residence over the 10 years – with “Berlin On My Mind”. They are celebrating their 10th anniversary with 68 KORNFELD projects and the 10-year artist-in-residence program – but also the future they want to shape – in Berlin, a place that international artists continually look for as a perspective in which we reflect each other and others meet.

With works by

Dawit Abebe, Olasunkanmi Akomolehin, Cristina BanBan, Yevgeniya Baras, William Bradley, Giorgio Celin, Chris Engman, Kimia Ferdowsi Kline, Seong Joon Hong, Chris Hood, Michael John Kelly, Alexander Kroll, Doron Langberg, Sandeep Mukherjee, Jennifer Packer, Adrianne Rubenstein, Kyungmi Shin, Levan Songulashvili, Panos Tsagaris, Rachel Eulena Williams & Liat Yossifor

It all started in 2013 with a decision by the KORNFELD Galerie Berlin to create a new space – both physical and metaphorical -, a – very physical – renovation and then the inauguration with a kick-off show in 2014, already hosted by residency artists* was designed inside. It was a big challenge.

Every creative process that began in the residency program over the last 10 years began with a blank canvas and Berlin On My Mind. The program has adapted to the respective circumstances over the years, but has remained true to its basic form: courageously and innovatively inviting people who convince us artistically and personally, giving them space to develop in an unfamiliar environment. Not only have the artists been provided with living and working spaces over the years, but networking with each other through overlapping residency periods as well as introductions to the Berlin art world have been the main focus of 68projects by KORNFELD since the beginning.

When visiting the exhibition in 68projects by KORNFELD, you can recognize these artists: some at first glance, because they found their artistic expression early; others only at second glance because their style has changed over the years; for still others the approach has become completely different.

Accompanying such developments and movements in the artists’ work has always been an important part of the residency program and will continue to be. The program is like the artists who are its guests: lively and unique.

Dawit Abebe (born 1978 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia) lives and works in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Over the years, Abebe has developed his own visual language, incorporating painting, drawing and collage techniques to create highly original compositions that not only explore Ethiopian history and culture, but also attempt to decipher the essence of humanity.

Olasunkanmi Akomolehin (born 1995 in Lagos, Nigeria) lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria. For Akomolehin, creating his works is a meditative practice in which he explores human emotions in all their colorful splendor. The artist sees paintings as an extension of the artist’s soul, which finds its free expression on the canvas.

Cristina BanBan (born 1987 in Barcelona, Spain) lives and works in New York City, NY, USA. Her work is characterized by impressive portraits of Rubenesque figures inspired by neoclassical body shapes. BanBan works with oil, acrylic, pastel and charcoal.

Yevgeniya Baras (born 1981 in Syzran, Russia) lives and works in New York City, NY, USA. Baras’ paintings take shape through a process of layering and accumulation. She combines oil media with various found and unconventional materials. The resulting objects move between painting and sculptural relief. The works often extend beyond the canvas and thus refuse any definitive boundaries.

William Bradley (born 1984 in York, UK) lives and works in Los Angeles, CA, USA. Bradley’s lively and colorful works are initially created on the computer. The digital and the physical then merge together by painting on and over the digital rendering.

Giorgio Celin (born 1986 in Barranquilla, Colombia) lives and works in Barcelona, Spain. Celin’s figurative paintings explore themes of migration, belonging, relationships and nostalgia, influenced by his experiences as a Colombian migrant in various European cities. His work addresses issues of displacement and the feeling of not belonging to a single geographical location.

Chris Engman (born 1978 in Seattle, Wa, USA) lives and works in Los Angeles, CA, USA. Engman’s work begins with an idea, a concept and in-depth research. Themes that are inherent in photography, such as time, transience, light and the question of the possibility of depicting reality, are at the center of his work.

Kimia Ferdowsi Kline (born 1984 in Nashville, TN, USA) lives and works in New York City, NY, USA. With a tense relationship between the characters in her works, Kimia Ferdowsi Kline references the Fauvists in their love of intense colors and Matisse in his love of the gestural body.

Seong Joon Hong (born 1987 in Seoul, Korea) lives and works in Seoul, Korea. In his work he creatively deals with the concept of layers. For him, layers represent, among other things, the fragility of memories, which can be erased or removed as quickly as a lost layer.

Chris Hood (born 1984 in Atlanta, GA, USA) Hood plays with the image plane and creates paintings in which elements merge to form a liminal space. Using folk sources and humor, he explores the tension between figuration and abstraction, resulting in a surreal mix of images and colors.

Michael John Kelly (born 1975 in Provo, UT, USA) lives and works in Los Angeles, CA, USA. Michael John Kelly’s work is characterized by a variety of different influences and “languages”: his images combine painting, printing, photography, drawing and collage.

Alexander Kroll (born 1981 in New York City, NY, USA) lives and works in London, UK. Kroll is a painter known for his abstract expressionist style using large-scale canvases and fluorescent color palettes. His layers of paint create a rhythmic effect that reveals the process behind his art, where each mark and each completed work leads naturally to the next.

Doron Langberg (born 1985 in Yokne’am Moshava, Israel) lives and works in New York City, NY, USA. Langberg is known for his bright, large-scale works that exude a sense of intimacy and often depict himself, his family, friends and lovers. His paintings celebrate the physicality of touch and engage with contemporary dialogues about queer sensuality and sexuality.

Sandeep Mukherjee (born 1964 in Pune, India) lives and works in Los Angeles, CA, USA. Mukherjee is known for his experimental work, which includes installations, sculptures and large-scale murals. His art focuses on the sensory experience of space and the body, exploring the relationship between bodies and the spaces they create through experiential and embodied images.

Jennifer Packer (born 1984 in Philadelphia, PA, USA) lives and works in New York City, NY, USA. Packer creates portraits, interior scenes, and still lifes that convey a sense of casual intimacy. Using loose lines, brushstrokes and a limited color palette, her work merges with backgrounds that suggest emotional and psychological depth while remaining enigmatic.

Adrianne Rubenstein (born 1983 in Montreal, Canada) lives and works in New York City, NY, USA. Rubenstein’s art features loose figurative still life motifs gliding over vibrant streams of abstract color. Although the action takes place primarily on the surface, it is accentuated by fascinating hints of depth.

Kyungmi Shin (born 1963 in Busan, South Korea) lives and works in Los Angeles, CA, USA. The focus of her artistic work, which uses photography and painting, is the careful layering of various elements that draw from the rich fund of cultural exchange. At a time of debate about cultural appropriation, Shin’s work is an example of cultural appreciation.

Levan Songulashvili (born 1991 in Tbilisi, Georgia) lives and works in Tbilisi, Georgia. Songulashvili is known for his conceptual work in painting, drawing, printmaking, site-specific installations and video. His distinctive artistic technique and style lie at the intersection of representation and abstraction.

Panos Tsagaris (born 1979 in Athens, Greece) lives and works in New York City, NY, USA. Tsagaris is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice is always informed by his interest in the spiritual and mystical. In his work he explores spiritual ideas of transformation as they appear in various esoteric traditions and mythologies.

Rachel Eulena Williams (born 1991 in Miami, FL, USA) lives and works in New York City, NY, USA. Williams presents works of art that are characterized by openness, invention and lightness. Her painted constructions fuse abstract painting with sculpture by cutting and reconfiguring painted canvases and weaving them into collage-like compositions with stitches and ropes.

Liat Yossifor (born 1974 in Tel Aviv, Israel) lives and works in Los Angeles, USA. Using a monochrome palette, Yossifor explores the tension between figure and ground, action and silence, sign and symbol in her gestural brushstrokes. Her paintings are not painterly but rather physical, similar to sculptures.

Vernissage: Friday, 21. June 2024, 6 – 9 pm

Exhibition period: Friday, 21. June until Saturday, 24. August 2024

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Title image caption: Berlin On My Mind, courtesy: 68projects by KORNFIELD

Exhibition Berlin On My Mind – 68 projects | Zeitgenössische Kunst Berlin Galerien | Contemporary Art | Exhibitions Berlin Galleries | ART at Berlin

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