post-title Berit Mücke | Weiher | Galerie Schindler | 06.10.-26.11.2022

Berit Mücke | Weiher | Galerie Schindler | 06.10.-26.11.2022

Berit Mücke | Weiher | Galerie Schindler | 06.10.-26.11.2022

Berit Mücke | Weiher | Galerie Schindler | 06.10.-26.11.2022

until 26.11. | #3641ARTatBerlin | Galerie Schindler in Potsdam shows from 6. October 2022 the exhibition Weiher with works by the artist Berit Mücke.

These pictures, in which we think we can make out faces and visions, nature, animals, figurative scenes, fairy tales and dream figures, do not want to show anything. This painting wants to act. As possible soul-expanding.

A series of works by the artist bears the title “Bruchbilder”. What can be perceived as a break is “an expression of an inner upheaval and a simultaneous glow into the dark, … without reassurance,” as the artist emphasizes. The sometimes roughened relief of the picture surfaces is thus not only due to the artist’s interest in painting, but is also the consequence of an existential response to the necessary impositions.
Berit Mücke takes the risk of “throwing herself into the materiality”, of putting herself “into the fire as a component of the work process, in order to work out and transform what is actually important”.

ART at Berlin - courtesy of Galerie Schindler - Berit Mücke - Veranda
Berit Mücke, Veranda, 2022, Tempera oil on canvas, 100×80

In the world of fake Internet profiles, viewers soon get lost, too. In Berit Mücke’s portraits, we have nonvirtual profiles before our eyes that are strong because they radiate psychological resilience or at least inner strength. They convey a positive self-acceptance and seem nobly serene in their basic attitude.
The courage for self-affirmation is, of course, sometimes dampened by a melancholy that stems from experiences in dark areas. Thus a veil lies over some pictures, which dramatizes them in a gentle way.
The particularity of this lyrical way of painting is fulfilled in those portraits (e.g. “Valentina”, “B. Faith or her hopeful blue portrait of Christ), in which inner view and sensuality merge.

ART at Berlin - courtesy of Galerie Schindler - Berit Mücke - Tamariske
Berit Mücke, Tamariske, 2022, Tempera oil on canvas, 100 x 80 cm

Berit Mücke’s view of nature and landscape rubs up against the devastating effects of the Anthropocene, but does not abandon projections of idyll (e.g. “The Pond”). Especially in relation to bucolic poetry and the depiction of idyllic landscapes since antiquity, Mücke’s deliberately gentle affirmation of inwardness today represents an exceedingly stubborn cipher. Inwardness as “being gathered in oneself” manifests itself longingly in the works “Goldmarie,” “Junger Ahn,” and “Paris,” which romantically sing of the human being recognized as fragile in times of general resource limitation, as if in a final blooming phase. Berit Mücke transports utopian contents in her pictures, whose language may sound enchanted, because their poetic emphasis rests away from any worldly rawness.

ART at Berlin - courtesy of Galerie Schindler - Berit Mücke - Der Weiher
Berit Mücke, Der Weiher, 2022, Tempera oil on canvas, 120×80

Full of emotionality, the painter kindles winter lights whose flames hurl us into “Solaris'” darkness.
Berit Mücke is a scout of the heart. She offers us her eye legacy, gentle and boundless, protected only by stretcher frames.

Text Christoph Tannert

Opening: Thursday, 06. October 6:00 pm

Exhibition dates: Thursday 06. October to Saturday 26. November 2022

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