post-title Andrei Loginov | PROTOTYPES | Kunstraum Linie | 15.09.-08.10.2016

Andrei Loginov | PROTOTYPES | Kunstraum Linie | 15.09.-08.10.2016

Andrei Loginov | PROTOTYPES | Kunstraum Linie | 15.09.-08.10.2016

Andrei Loginov | PROTOTYPES | Kunstraum Linie | 15.09.-08.10.2016

until 08.10. | #0741ARTatBerlin |  Kunstraum Linie shows from 15. September 2016 the exhibition PROTOTYPES by Andrei Loginov.

In his latest series PROTOTYPES Andrei Loginov spans the disciplines of object art and 3D photography. His lightboxes display sculptural objects. By appearing more real than the objects themselves the artist creates a form of contradiction. Like music flooding space with acustic waves Loginov’s art craves immediate impact. It seeks to entice the viewer stirring sensations of child-like disbelief as well as generating instant exhiliration.

Experimenting with a variety of techniques Loginov eventually found the ultimate artistic process by using lightboxes. The idea derived from his preceding series PHANTOM XX. It documents the decay and gradual disappearance of theatres and monuments in the Donetsk area in the Ukraine. The lightbox offers an ideal framework to minimize reflections on the image surface and create ideal conditions for contemplation. The object is photographed horizontally up to forty times from various angles. The photographs created are fused by Loginov on the computer and refined adding layers of spatial depth in the process. The lenticular printing technique with its haptical even sensual texture enhances the images dimensionality.

The PROTOTYPES series relates to the constructivist principles of El Lissitzky creating a system of references of its own. The objects are abstract formal studies rejecting concrete interpretations.

BIO-SYNTHETIC PRINTS – Cooperation with a superorganism: His latest work displays honeycombs. Again Loginov turns the tangible and contextual into concrete objects seemingly free-floating. Hereby he restores their representation. The bees activity (superorganism) excels mere construction work. He discerns a natural rhythmn in their creations. Electronic music is one of Loginov’s central means of inspiration. Art is like a captivating song to him transforming thoughts into a positive stream of consciousness.

It is only then that the artist is satisfied.


Vernissage: Wednesday, 14. September 2016, 06:00 bis 10:00 p.m.

Exhibition period: Thursday, 15. September – Saturday, 08. October 2016

Zu SILLER Contemporary


Image caption: Presse Foto biosynthetic print

Exhibition Andrei Loginov – PROTOTYPES – Kunstraum LINIE – Kunst in Berlin ART at Berlin

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