post-title Andreas H. Bitesnich | CAMERA WORK | 01.09.-30.10.2018

Andreas H. Bitesnich | CAMERA WORK | 01.09.-30.10.2018

Andreas H. Bitesnich | CAMERA WORK | 01.09.-30.10.2018

Andreas H. Bitesnich | CAMERA WORK | 01.09.-30.10.2018

until 13.10. | #2133ARTatBerlin | CAMERA WORK presents from 1st September 2018 an exhibition with works by the artist Andreas H. Bitesnich, what includes both the main works of his work as well as photographs from his new series »Momentum«.

The solo exhibition, comprising more than 30 works, includes both the main works of his oeuvre and photographs from his new series »Momentum« – the photo book of the same name appears for the exhibition. The exhibition gives an insight into the considerable creative work of Andreas H. Bitesnich, one of the leading nude photographers of the present day. The exhibited works show stylishly staged form studies of female and male nudes and impressive architectural works from the oeuvre of the artist.

In his new series »Momentum«, Andreas H. Bitesnich combines his passion for street and architectural photography with the fascination for the human body and its form. Real spaces and places contrast or combine with staged studio photographs, creating new artificial realities. The viewer creates his own stories, which appear simultaneously and disappear in the darkness. These nocturnal spaces are literal, but also very symbolic. The impulse lies in the journey to, from and between these imaginary places. Andreas H. Bitesnich is able to model the body by using light and shadow and to transform the naked bodies of his models into sculptures. He composes his photographs geometrically and thus develops very balanced image structures. Nevertheless, the works are not severe, but filled with a variety of emotions. Sometimes it’s a look or a gesture that sets subtle signs. Andreas H. Bitesnich concentrates to the essentials in order to intensify the balanced aesthetics of his work. The poses look elegant and light.


Andreas H. Bitesnich
The actor, portrait and travel photographer Andreas H. Bitesnich, born in Vienna in 1964, has been photographing since 1988 and is considered an autodidact. His pictorial language is shaped formally and sculpturally, this is also reflected in his numerous landscape and nude photographs. He is today considered one of the leading nude photographers worldwide. Andreas H. Bitesnich has published numerous books. His works are presented in well-known exhibition halls worldwide.

Exhibition: Saturday, 1st September – Saturday, 13th October 2018, admission free

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