post-title ALL DAY REVOLUTION. Unsere Liebe Digitalität | EIGENHEIM Berlin | 30.08.–13.10.2019

ALL DAY REVOLUTION. Unsere Liebe Digitalität | EIGENHEIM Berlin | 30.08.–13.10.2019

ALL DAY REVOLUTION. Unsere Liebe Digitalität | EIGENHEIM Berlin | 30.08.–13.10.2019

ALL DAY REVOLUTION. Unsere Liebe Digitalität | EIGENHEIM Berlin | 30.08.–13.10.2019

until 13.10. | #2553ARTatBerlin  | EIGENHEIM Berlin presents from 30. August 2019 the group exhibtion ALL DAY REVOLUTION | Unsere Liebe Digitalität with the artists Max Albrecht, Fanny Josefine Dehnkamp, Samira Engel, Thomas Hawranke, Johannes Heinke, Stephan Isermann, Tonio Mundry, Adam Noack, Katrin Steiger, Marcus Sternbauer und Sirin Unmanee. At the salon of the gallery, paintings by the artist Anna Bittersohl will be shown.

The third exhibition of EIGENHEIM Weimar/Berlin as an official showcase of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus deals with various aspects of the digitization of our society. In our everyday life a revolution takes place, which does justice to the fundamentals of a revolution.

Tonio Mundry – Original Spam Infinite Influence

It is not without reason that the concept of the digital revolution, a change of all areas of life through digital technology, has been intensively discussed for a decade. Like the Industrial Revolution, which formed the basis of the Bauhaus, the digital revolution will also bring new forms of live, art and design. The resulting changes in the business and work, in public and in private life are taking place at a rapid speed. New media are increasingly influencing communication behavior, socialization processes and language culture. Areas of application and development potential of artificial intelligence are just as much a part of trends and open questions of the future, such as our handling of social media, big data or widespread surveillance. We entered into a lovely liaison with digitality without being aware of the effects. The complexity stirs fears as well as new utopias. The exhibition ALL DAY REVOLUTION – our beloved digitality intends to approach this breadth of content through artistic positions, knowing that the individual positions will not find a universal, but rather a more explicit access to the respective discourses.

Thomas Hawranke, for example, explores the effects of technology on society. In his video work Grand Ape Town, which is shown in this exhibition, he shows a digital urban utopia based on the video game Grand Theft Auto V, in which humans and animals co-exist side by side. The drawings by Adam Noack, created in an IT company, seem to exaggerate, but rather authentically, the new digital workplace culture and, similar to the work Pig Simulator by Stephan Isermann, not only offers all the uncertainties but also a smile on the lips the visitor.

Stephan Isermann – Pig Simulator

Just as in the work Pig Simulator one can empathize with the virtual reality of a pig, so in the work of Tonio Mundry it is possible to leave the traditional pictorial space of a painting and rise in the extended three dimensions behind the picture by using VR glasses. By training a neuro-social network with 80,000 Instagram fashion images, Mundry has also produced a 24-hour video that crystallizes the universal language of this flood of images. In his work Case Studies on Eventuality“, Johannes Heinke deals with simulation centers of institutions such as Deutsche Bahn or the Luftwaffe. Through the aesthetics of a technical backdrop, Heinke‘s photographs point to the urge of man to anticipate and improve one‘s own destiny, with the aid of simulated processes and virtual reality. Max Albrecht deals with the hype of virtual currencies in his bitcoin automaton, Katrin Steiger produced a fashion line with a digital camouflage and Funny Josephine Dehnkamp‘s song and music video are devoted to love in the Digital Age in a poetic but very reduced way.
This exhibition offers many approaches dealing with the digital revolution in our everyday lives and we look forward discussing them with you.

Anna Bittersohl in the Salon of EIGENHEIM Berlin

In the salon of the gallery, works by the artist Anna Bittersohl will be shown at the same time in the exhibition how to keep a bird without killing.

For a long time Anna Bittersohl and EIGENHEIM Weimar / Berlin have worked together in various exhibition projects, but hereby we would like to present Anna Bittersohl as a house artist in a solo exhibition. Rejoice with us and let yourself be abducted into the dense, mystically poetic and picturesque world of this exceptional artist. A catalog will be published for the exhibition.


Anna Bittersohls mostly large-format oil paintings lead the viewer towards landscapes that are partly densely overgrown and partly populated by individual figures, gradually withdrawing his point of view from the here and now. Art-historical elements familiar to the eye such as horizon lines, constellations of figures arranged in perspective and floral parts suddenly take place on top of each other and underneath each other, motif boundaries become blurred and the composition appears in many parts to be misscaled. Flowers as large as human bodies, a head in profile against a blazing sky, people, animals and plants morphed into hybrid beings: Bittersohls works are remotely reminiscent of collages, when the artist paints over motifs originally laid out, only to let them reappear through the not entirely residue-free removal of paint. She aims to make the temporal sequence of the works genesis visible at all times. Her interest is in the different states of human generations and their environment, which can be divided into present, past and future, but also spatially into inside and outside. The artist wants to break down these conceptual boundaries by placing elements in new power relations through scaling, creating breakthroughs to previous stages of the picture and by searching for alternative truths in her paintings.
A static inventory of an actual state is not enough for Anna Bittersohl, since truth is constantly changing and is transformed by experiences and memories. The resulting impossibility of ever seeing a state as the final, „right“ one is contrasted by the artist with the human desire to always regard their own progress and their technical possibilities as the best ones possible that are to be placed above nature.

In „How to keep a bird without killing?“ Anna Bittersohl deals with a universal and in many forms and different forms existing principle. How can something precious be preserved without killing it with much love, protection and attention? By focusing on something very small, there is a greater chance of losing the view on the holistic. In the figurative sense, however, the artist asks at the same time – How do I preserve something precious without killing for it? A similarly far-reaching principle, which is ultimately the basis for innumerable conflicts. Again, it is important of not losing the view on the holistic, acting rationally and deliberately.

Vernissage: Friday, 30 August 2019, 7:00 – 10:00 p.m.

Exhibition period: Friday, 30 August to Sunday, 13 October 2019

Zur Galerie Eigenheim


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