post-title Inka und Niclas | 4K ULTRA HD | Dorothée Nilsson Gallery | 26.04.-29.06.2018

Inka und Niclas | 4K ULTRA HD | Dorothée Nilsson Gallery | 26.04.-29.06.2018

Inka und Niclas | 4K ULTRA HD | Dorothée Nilsson Gallery | 26.04.-29.06.2018

Inka und Niclas | 4K ULTRA HD | Dorothée Nilsson Gallery | 26.04.-29.06.2018

until 29.06. | #1955ARTatBerlin | Dorothée Nilsson Gallery  shows from 26th April 2018 the exhibition 4K ULTRA HD by artist duo Inka und Niclas.

The solo exhibition 4K ULTRA HD by the Swedish artist duo Inka and Niclas deals with our consumption of landscapes through (camera) lenses and screens. Our image of the landscape is shaped by photography and nature constructs itself through the stream of images on our screens. The photo works and installations of the exhibition deal with the picture search of the same name “4K ULTRA HD”. 4K HD or 4K ULTRA are terms used in the display industry to make clear that the screens have a much higher level of detail and sharpness.

Search algorithms list the most popular images in descending order and define which images we like to surround ourselves with, which images we download and save as desktop backgrounds on our computers. These are images that somehow radiate a kind of security or security or convince by their beauty. When searching the web for “sunsets”, most pictures contain not only a sun but also the sea, a palm or a dolphin. We know exactly what a northern light looks like without having experienced it.

The sun has fixed its position in the sky, tied to a stick, it remains in its most popular position. The sunset extends over the palm leaf, a sparkling mist from the NASA archive floats quietly on the edge of the beach. BLOBS (shapeless drops of water) in space or stones that have been polished around in the course of time, float in the photographs and camouflage themselves in front of the viewer. The family that is not in the picture has left, updated their profile and posted it again. A reality that can only be experienced through a photo, everything happens in the snapshot.

“After all, [Inka and Niclas’] work revolves around these sought – after landscape motifs, viewing the almost automated influx of landscapes on our screens as a contemporary ritual and trying to approach the complex mechanisms that give the panoramas a sacred character In the works on display, the idealization of nature has begun to move, and the landscape has become fluorescent: the remnants of an idealized natural aesthetic have given up the two-dimensionality of photography and reached matter again. ” (Therese Kellner)

Inka (* 1985, Finland) and Niclas (* 1984, Sweden) Lindergård are an excellent artist duo from Stockholm. Since 2007, Inka and Niclas explore how the constant flow of landscape images, the act of photography and the interfaces between photographic and physical reality influence us. In 2012, they released their first book Watching Humans Watching (Kehrer Verlag), which was later awarded the Swedish Photo Book Award. Her latest book The Belt of Venus and the Shadow of the Earth (Kerber Verlag) won the 2016 Swedish Book Art Award. The works of Inka and Niclas are in numerous private collections worldwide as well as in the permanent collections of the Gothenburg Art Museum (Sweden), the Fries Museum (Netherlands) and the Public Art Agency (Sweden).

Vernissage: Thursday, 26th April 2018, 6:00-9:00 p.m.

Exhibition period: Thursday, 26th April to Friday, 29th June 2018

Zur Dorothée Nilsson Gallery


Image caption: Inka and Niclas, 4KultraHD_I, 2018, © Inka and Niclas, courtesy of Dorothée Nilsson Gallery

Exhibition 4K ULTRA HD – Dorothée Nilsson Gallery  | Contemporary Art – Kunst in Berlin | ART@Berlin

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