post-title else (Twin) Gabriel | Wandel durch Annäherung | pavlov’s dog | 03.02.–11.03.2017

else (Twin) Gabriel | Wandel durch Annäherung | pavlov’s dog | 03.02.–11.03.2017

else (Twin) Gabriel | Wandel durch Annäherung | pavlov’s dog | 03.02.–11.03.2017

else (Twin) Gabriel | Wandel durch Annäherung | pavlov’s dog | 03.02.–11.03.2017

until 11.03. | #1046ARTatBerlin | Pavlov’s dog presents from third February 2017 the exhibition “Wandel durch Annäherung” by the artist else (Twin) Gabriel.

The nuclear family as a imaging technique for the relationship between the state, the system, and its suspicion of intimate subversion over the uncontrollable “nucleus of society” has been the research field of else (Twin) Gabriel’s “Family Constellations”.
The performance “Wandel durch Annäherung“ (change through rapprochement) is a “leftist” experiment lesson quoting China at the time of the cultural revolution, i.e. in the nineteen-sixties and seventies. Its title comes from the recently deceased SPD (Social Democratic Party of Germany) politician Egon Bahr and recalls the strategy of a cautious opening to the Eastern bloc, particularly of the GDR, in the purpose of family and economic/cultural exchanges.

“Wandel durch Annäherung”, as an experimental anthropologic and artistic self-staging a family dressed in MAO-suits in Beijing in 2003, brings a strange mixture of times, spaces, extended dreams and utopias, and, at the same time the profane around spirits of living fossils in a twisted world of paradoxes. All over the world and in despite of revolutions, there is somehow always an everyday life.

else (Twin) Gabriel, born 1962, Halberstadt/GDR studied churchmusic and stage and costumedesign, lived and taught in Los Angeles and London taught over the last 20 years at 6 art academies troughout Germany, teaches since 2009 sculpture and performance at the academy of art in Berlin/Weißensee works with performance, installation, text and music Life-Performances and co-founder of the artistsgroup Auto-Perforation-Artists during the 1980ies. After the turn of the century she worked mainly with media performances – performances for photography and video, mostly with her partner Ulf Wrede and the two kids, Linus and Grete. Exhibited in Germany, England, the U.S., Korea, Russia, France, Mexico.

Vernissage: Thursday, 2nd February 2017, 7 to 9 p.m.

Exhibition period: Friday, third February to Saturday, 11th March 2017

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Image caption: Wandel durch Annäherung, 2003, Fotoperformance, Dokumentation: Andreas Rost

Exhibition else (Twin) Gabriel – pavlov’s dog – Kunst in Berlin ART at Berlin

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