post-title Deutsches Theater: Open Air in August 2021

Deutsches Theater: Open Air in August 2021

Deutsches Theater: Open Air in August 2021

Deutsches Theater: Open Air in August 2021

From Sunday, 1 August 2021, plays will once again be performed in the open air in front of and behind the Deutsches Theater on the specially constructed outdoor venues. “Die Pest” based on the novel by Albert Camus, “Tartuffe oder Das Schwein der Weisen” by PeterLicht freely adapted from Molière and “Gaia googelt nicht” by Nele Stuhler will be presented.

Die Pest 

“Rieux knew that the plague bacillus never dies and never goes away, and that perhaps the day would come when the plague would wake its rats and send them to die in a happy city.” A strange epidemic breaks out in the Algerian coastal city of Oran. Doctor Bernard Rieux suspects what everyone else thinks is impossible: It is the plague. A state of emergency is declared, the city is hermetically sealed off, all connections to the outside world are cut off. Soon the disease claims more and more victims, gigantic hospital wards are built, later mass graves. The doctor knows that his fight against the

Read the article with all dates for the performances further on DEEDS.NEWS.


Image caption: Tartuffe oder Das Schwein der Weisen, Moritz Grove, Linn Reusse, Božidar Kocevski, Kotbong Yang, Natali Seelig, Felix Goeser, Photo: Arno Declair

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