post-title Berliner Liste | Participants + Dates

Berliner Liste | Participants + Dates

Berliner Liste | Participants + Dates

Berliner Liste | Participants + Dates

Parallel to Berlin Art Week, the art fair Berliner Liste will take place from 15 to 17 September 2017 in the Postbahnhof am Ostbahnhof. On 4,000 square meters, artists and galleries from more than 30 countries will be exhibiting paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, installations, media art, photography and urban art. For the 14th time the Discover Exhibition presents international contemporary art at affordable prices.

Participants at Berliner Liste 2017

Affenfaust Galerie Hamburg/Leipzig
Alin Klass
Alina Ivanova
Andrey Kezzyn, Berlin
Anna Karan, Berlin
Anna Vonnemann
Artest and Himmelblau
Atelier von Stockhausen
BAZIS Contemporary
Betsy Weis and Ron Weis
Britta Reinhardt
Carmen Stadler-Varese, Berlin
Charlotte Trossbach
Christos Eliades
Dante Galic, Berlin
Dr. Helge Paulsen
Elena Bandurka
Esmeralda van Malde
Evgeniya Petrova
Evgeny Gegouzin
fine art berlin project spaces, Berlin
Friedhelm Kranz
Galerie Amuthon-Art
galerie art moments
Galerie FLOX
galerie m beck
Galerie Marion Stoeter
Galerie Verein Berliner Künstler, Berlin
Galleria Unique
Galerie Z22, Berlin
Giant Year Gallery
Gila Abutalebi
Gogi Gelantia, Berlin
Götz Füsser, Berlin
Gregor Kalus
Hans Galliker
Hartschuh – Bogati, Berlin
Henry Landers, Berlin
Ilona Kosobuko
Jim Avignon
Julija Neronska
Kaja el Attar, Berlin
kirho I Kirsten Hohaus
Kristine Narvida, Berlin
Manfred Schmale
Monika Arlt, Berlin
Monika Fielitz, Berlin
Mujaheda Khowajazada
Natalia Frolova
Natalia Ohar, Berlin
Nina Krüger-Schmale
Nordcom gallery
Olivart Art Gallery
Open Walls Gallery, Berlin
Patricia Dreyfus, Berlin
Patty Dimo, Berlin
Peer Kriesel, Berlin
Rainer Jacob
Siegfried Firla
Square Rock Ltd
STH Gallery
Sylvester Antony
The Nandibull
The Temple
Transwing® Art Gallery
Urban Spree Gallery, Berlin
Ute Laux
Vemo Hang, Berlin
Victor Sonna
Vitaly Komarov
Vizit Gallery
Volker W. Hamann
Voula Kereklidou, Berlin
Wolfram Völcker Fine Art


Berliner Liste 2017

Postbahnhof am Ostbahnhof
Straße der Pariser Kommune 8
10243 Berlin-Friedrichshain

Opening hours
Opening: Thursday, 14th September, 06:00 bis 10:00 p.m.
Friday, 15th September to Saturday, 16th September: 01:00 bis 10:00 p.m.
Sunday, 17th September: 11:00 a.m. to 07:00 p.m.

Admission / Prizes
Day Ticket: 13,00 € incl. Catalogue
reduced: 9,00 €
Opening onThursday, 14. September, 06:00 to 10:00 Uhr: admission free

Friday, 15th September admission free for pupils and students
children under 12 years admission free

Please note: Access to the art fair is barrier-free


Thursday, 14th September

04:00 – 06:00 p.m.
First Choice (by invitation only)

06:00 – 10:00 p.m.
Official opening (admission free)

07:00 p.m.
Opening speech by art fair director Jörgen Golz and curators

07.30 p.m.
During opening evening the TEMPLE presents an audiovisual lighting and art installation with live painting and contemporary dance performance by the Russian dancer and choreographer Valentin Tszin, accompanied by Berghain icon DJ Rødhåd.

10:00 – midnight

Saturday, 16th September

10:00 a.m. – 01:00 p.m.

Seminar Self Marketing The third person – offering without adversaries
Particularly interesting for artists and creatives

In her seminar at BERLINER LISTE, Dipl. Psychologist Alina Gause teaches the participants their concept of the third person as a helpful support in the topic of self-marketing. Learn about psychological background knowledge, exercises, case studies and talking about how the “third person” from a destructive critic can become a supportive mentor.

Working with the third person
In addition to the private and creative personality, the “third person” is another, the artist in itself carry. They encounter him in situations which they can not clearly associate with their private or creative personality and which usually affect the topic of self-marketing, such as e.g. private parties with interesting people, exhibitions, trade fairs or alumni meetings. If the third person is in use, it usually runs suboptimally. Why? Can this be changed? How can creatives become the right language for themselves? In a way that is pleasant to them?

Alina Gause was born in Berlin and completed her education in dance, singing and acting. There followed engagements, e.g. at the Maxim Gorki Theater, the Theater des Westens, as well as in studios and film and television. In addition to her artistic activity, she completed a psychology degree and specialized in the life and work of artists. In 2009, she set up a consulting center for creative artists in Berlin, where she advised artists from all disciplines. Since 2008, she has been editor of the theater magazine ca: stmag. In 2011, her first book “Why artists the happier humans could be” appeared, in December 2016 their second “compass for artists”. In 2014 she received a lectureship at the University of Arts in Berlin (“Psychological Competence Training for Artists”).

Workshop in German and English | Participation fee: 40 Euro incl. VAT
To register, please contact:


Image caption: Berliner Liste 2016 – Photo Mee-Yen Sham

Participants + dates | Berliner Liste 2017 | ART at Berlin

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